1. Mark Stise

    Why does Misery love company on Youtube???

    Why does Misery love company on Youtube??? My father in Law was diagnosed with Lung Cancer last week. As such I decided to do a Playlist Vlog so that any family member or friends from back east could stay up to date on what is going on with his condition. Interestingly enough these self same...
  2. Mark Stise

    Doing a Vlog on a family member with a Terminal Illness.

    hey Everybody! Yesterday was a pretty crappy day for not only me but my entire family. We found out that my Father in Law has Lung Cancer... I decided to do a video when we got home from the doctor and ranted for about 13 minutes or so. I was angry because this was something that could have...
  3. K

    Vlog Anyone interested in starting a YouTube collab team/group from scratch??

    Hi! My name is Kyra Nicole, I'm 22 years old from PA. I'm a small creator like many of you! I so badly want to do more with my YouTube channel. I am looking to create a new YouTube collab group. People ages 17-25 are applicable. You have to be hardworking, fun, and creative! We would do...
  4. DeeDom

    Super new here!

    Hey guys! I've recently created a youtube food/vlogging channel and I'm not to sure how to get my views up, I'd be more than happy for some advise and how you big youtubers out there would recommend not being disheartened at the begninning, I'd love to hear from you so please comment! :) xx
  5. PJ Morrison

    Meet Up/Gathering Where are the "CAR"Tubers.!?

    Hello everyone, I'm PJ Morrison and I'm an up and coming YouTuber that vlogs about my life around cars. I'm a car enthusiast from Louisiana (USA) looking to collab or at least expand my clientele with more YouTubers that are interested in similar things. I take photos as well as edit them in...
  6. OskarGvlogs

    Vlog Anyone want to Collab ? (Online or in Person)

    Hey guys I've only just started Youtube and i would love to Collab with someone either to do a challenge or meet up in person and do something cool. I'm from Northern Ireland so if there are any youtubers who want to meet up somewhere near i'd be happy to do so. Unfortunately I've only...
  7. Mark Stise

    Just how many Playlists can you have on your Youtube Channel?

    Hello Everyone!!! So its really a simply question I am trying to organize my playlists Now my Chatting with Mark Stise channel is NOT themed I don't do videos on any one subject Whatever I want to talk about I do videos on. That being said I clearly cover a lot of topics So just how many...
  8. ucandp

    200 Subscribers!

    Hi everyone! I started Youtube 1 year ago. Did a couple videos and stopped until about December. Both my comedy channel and my Vlog channel have now reached 200 subs. Ive really been consistent this year with my vlogs and I'm so happy that I've reached the 200 milestone! Out of that maybe 80...
  9. Henry Sierra

    Daily Vlog - Film Channel

    Hi Guys! I post frequent vlogs about my daily life and put a twist on them as a film-maker. Please stop by and let me know if you enjoy!
  10. Henry Sierra

    New Vlog - Friends, A Basketball Game, and the Notes!

    Leave a like and subscribe for frequent videos :)
  11. M

    How Do I Rank My Vlogs?

    I know people don't go searching for vlogs, but how can I make it so that when they are searching for something, I also pop up. This will give me a greater chance of getting clicked on, but I don't know how to get my vlogs to ranks. I've watched countless videos on ranking but none have been...
  12. M

    How can I increase my vlogs' audience retention?

    I make vlogs and mix the style of normal vlogs and cinematic b-roll. Sort of like peter mckinnon but not copying him. Anyway, I have a channel average of 1 minute retention and I feel that is sub-par. How can I increase it. I have watched plenty of audience retention videos but they all talk...
  13. Henry Sierra

    I got stood up...

    In this video I take you around campus, talk about a failed date, and get some funny shots!
  14. victor_915

    Vlog Polyglots, Language learning, travel, Etc.

    Hello! If anything in the title caught your attention and sounds like you then please consider emailing me at victorsantana91511@gmail.com about working together and producing content! I used to make videos all the time but I stopped a while back and have really found something I'm passionate...
  15. M

    Need help with naming my Channel

    Hey everyone, I wanna start a YT Channel that's going to consist of cinematography, photography and vlogs however i can't come up with a name for it... I've seen all these people who are really talented and their channels are called their personal name, but i don't think my name sounds very...
  16. Brittneytaylorwg

    What is your favourite vlog camera?

    I was looking at vlog cameras and I was like, hey... maybe it would be interesting to see what everyone on here loves! So here I am haha. I thought this would be quite interesting :)
  17. Brittneytaylorwg

    Should I vlog too?

    Okay so recently I've just loved filming whatever I feel like would be slightly interesting and create entertainment because simply... I love doing so! It makes me so so so happy :tongue: I was thinking maybe I should vlog sometimes. I really like videos where I just talk to the camera while...
  18. ClawCoupleSG

    Over 500 Subs & 1000 hours watch time!

    Hi Guys I'm so hyped today! After 4 months of grinding on YouTube I made it to over 500 subs and 1000 hours of watch time so far!!
  19. Henry Sierra

    Daily Vlog (Film-making)

    Hey everyone :) I have a daily vlog channel where I record my daily life. I am also a film-maker so I put a little spark on my videos. Subscribe and comment what you think ;)
  20. Jevan Simmons


    Follow me and my wife as we go to Costco, Aldi's, and Nothing Bundt Cakes before we take our daughter to dance practice.
  21. Juan Walls

    My Dog got her paw stuck in a sticky mouse trap!!

    We went out of town last weekend and my dog got her paw stuck in a sticky mouse trap! Then we use a laser on a gun to play 'chase the laser'. You guys can watch that and more here:
  22. feyrerm

    Vlog Northeast PA Daily Vlogger

    Daily vlogger and comedy short channel looking for folks in the Philly, ABE Harrisburg areas to share ideas and cross promote. I have built a small following of very active viewers in less than 30 days, but vlogging is a lonely sport, and having others to collaborate with would be great. If you...
  23. Vlogify

    An EXTRAVagant Party

    My first time using a decent dslr camera, the Canon 80D. Had to break her in at my first place with my favorite people during my favorite time of year. Hope y’all enjoy and subscribe if you did!
  24. ucandp

    Vlog Western NY or Ontario Canada Collab

    Hi! I am looking for comedy collabs or vlog collabs in Western NY or Canada from Niagara Falls to Toronto. My comedy channel has 192 subscribers My vlog channel has 23 subscribers
  25. ucandp

    Comedy Western NY or Ontario?

    Any Western New Yorkers that aren't to far from the border or Canadian side up to Toronto to collab? I have a comedy channel with 191 subscribers and a vlog channel with 23 subscribers. Either one! Working together as a community is how a lot of big Youtubers made it. Let's collab!
  26. Juan Walls

    I Meal prep for a bet, ways to lose weight. Try the delicious recipe!

    Hello everyone! Try out this simple way of meal prepping for the week. I did a quick vlog of me preparing my meals and I also show you guys how to make a delicious chicken rub recipe that I made through trial and error! Try it out and let me know what you guys think! Also don't forget to like...
  27. Justin In

    See you soon!

    WASSup Guys! A real close friend of mine left the country :( It's a bittersweet moment~! but I hope you guys enjoy the vlog! Feedback would be much appreciated!
  28. ItsMeRay


    Hey what is up fam, it's me Ray and welcome back to another video! Sorry I haven't been uploading that much. Remember when I said I was going to try and follow my uploading schedule of posting every Monday and Friday? Ha, when that obviously didn't happen. I'm so funny! Anyways, today's video is...
  29. ItsMeRay


    Hey what is up fam, it's me Ray and welcome back to another video! So my friends and I decided to have a hot pot party to celebrate the end of early decision college apps. As you can see, we bought too much food for the 3 of us. Hope you guys enjoy the video! -Ray
  30. Rallex

    Vlog Looking for Teen Girl/Guy Vloggers to Collab with!!

    Hi there, I'm Riley also known as Rallex on YouTube. I'm a Vlogger and looking for people to collab with I know it's super hard to find people where I live which is Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. It's like the ,middle of no where. Looking for people to Collab with and help each other grow and...