Meet Up/Gathering Where are the "CAR"Tubers.!?

PJ Morrison

Hello everyone, I'm PJ Morrison and I'm an up and coming YouTuber that vlogs about my life around cars. I'm a car enthusiast from Louisiana (USA) looking to collab or at least expand my clientele with more YouTubers that are interested in similar things. I take photos as well as edit them in case you were wondering. I'm down to work with anyone, so if you're in the south (Texas -> Florida) then don't be afraid to contact me!

Instagram : @svt_pegasus
Hi PJ and welcome to Yttalk:) I´m not a CARtuber but I have seen some channel about cars on this Forum..
But you are in the right comunity if you are looking for ways to grow your channel:up2: Lots of tips and tricks and lots of helpful people to get you started:)