1. OndaWire

    New Technology? Magnetic Bluetooth Headphones Review

    WOW! I tested them and they work!!! These are super cool!
  2. Nerfworthy

    A new MobA? - Iron League - Early Access Review

    Hey guys, 2 days ago i made a new video about the Early Access new MobA game on steam, called Iron League, if possible watch the video and share your opinions of it in the comments if you like it and if you would play it, if not why so? Here's the link to the video -
  3. Henners

    Please review my channel

    Hi, I just reached 20 subs and thanks for all of your support. Could you give me some tips and advice to help me improve the quality of my content so I can continue to grow. Thanks
  4. Zaland Adams

    Channel Review Can someone give my channel a review. I just want to go in the right direction and make sure am doing stuff right.
  5. Onyx Arcane

    Onyx has hit 10!!!...... ...

    Onyx...... has hit 10... Onyx is new to the tube but Onyx is faceless. Is that the reason why Onyx is growing slowly? Why can Onyx acquire these subscriber steroids?
  6. Umer

    Meet Up/Gathering Spanish speakers in London? Collab wanted!

    Hey guys - looking for Spanish speakers, preferably female, to collab on my next video to review the Google Translate feature using the new Google Ear Buds. Central London location essential.
  7. Jevan Simmons

    HelloFresh Review! [Tacos and Ravioli ] Food Review!

    HelloFresh: Get $40 off your first box when you subscribe and on your first purchase use Promo Code: THUSIM Videos: Cooking and Tasting Tacos - Cooking and Tasting Ravioli - Follow Me and my Family! ►Subscribe...
  8. Jevan Simmons


    Watch me as I prepare, cook, and taste these tacos. You don't want to miss the epic ending. HelloFresh: Get $40 off your first box when you subscribe and on your first purchase use Promo Code: THUSIM Follow Me and my Family! ►Subscribe...
  9. WarriorDan

    First Impressions: The Darwin Project [GAME REVIEW]

    I review the recent little-known newest entry to the battle royale genre, "The Darwin Project", which pits a dozen players in a small hunger games like arena, with many traps and map modifiers to spice up the action.
  10. Seansie

    Post-Op Video Critique

    Warning in advance that this video does show my chest, which might be weird for some people. Figured I'd put a warning just in case Hey everyone! So this is probably not your average type of video, but I wanted to get everyone’s opinion on if you were able to stay focused during the duration of...
  11. iRob

    What Is Wrong With My Channel?

    Ok so I have been meaning to ask this question for a very long time but I guess I’m just to scared to know the answer I craated this channel back in 2013 and I have given up on it a couple times but I always find myself coming back to it. I noticed that recently I’ve been getting a lot of down...
  12. Andie_the_Lab

    Am I crazy? Channel Review please :)

    Just joined this community, so Hi! It's really weird because we feel like we get good traction - about 30-50k views on some videos, others have 100k (we only have 7) - but we're so lost as to what direction to go? What are y'alls thoughts? Are we too limited on content because we're trying to...

    Outback Steak House 5 Star Review / Mukbang - VLOG #222

    Wen't to the Outback Steak House! I give them a 5 star review! The food and my margarita was amazing! This is a food VLOG / Mukbang video. Hope you enjoy it! :)
  14. mussonman

    Is this content able to grow into a bigger channel?

    I've just started doing this improv comedy and character-acting experiment: basically a Let's Roleplay for Fallout 3 called "Fallout Coward" I've got three episodes up so far In the future, alongside this series I'll...

    2017 Year In Review Video!

    2017 was such a great year and so, I made this 2017 year in review video for you guys to enjoy and see what I do on this VLOG channel called, Commander VLOGS. Happy New Year! Hope you like the video...
  16. EthelredFlametail

    Gaming [Dead line ended]12+ Shadow the hedgehog review

    warning this game contains moderate violence and bad language! Hello, everyone, I am Ethelred Flametail. I would like to ask you for help. I would like people to record a short review of shadow the hedgehog or you can talk to me about shadow the hedgehog, the game review or the talking...
  17. Dutchie Abroad

    A 100 subs! Now what?

    Hello everyone~ So, as some of you might know, my channel hit a 100 subs about a week ago. Sadly, for some reason, both my amount of new subs and my amount of views have decline considerably after that. Now, I don't know if it is due to the time of year (everyone is pretty busy with school...
  18. Sammie

    Is my Plot Clear?

    is the plot in my short Film clear? If not what do you think I would be able to do to make it clear. I tried adding symbolism to it so people can catch my drift. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  19. TechFit360

    Should You Buy The iPhone X ?

    I have been enjoying the iPhone X since day one. I find that I use the 4k 60fps Camera for videos a WHOLE Lot. Check out my latest video and don't forget to subscribe to the Techfit360 YouTube Channel!! Thanks
  20. L

    Other Searching for creators who wants to review product

    Hey! Are interested in web design? Do you know what does template, theme, WordPress mean? Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss everything.
  21. Matheus Brito

    Please review my channel now that it has actual content

    Hi guys! I joined this website a week ago and back then I only had a trailer on my channel. I uploaded my first real video yesterday and would appreciate some feedback on it, since I am planning to create the following videos in the same format. Of course I am always open for criticism about any...
  22. pixellent

    Channel review stuck in a loop?

    Hi, I've hit 10.000 views at November 26th and since then Youtube says my channel is under review but the date changes to current date everyday like "Review Started 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th" and now it says "review started on December 1st." LOL Is it stuck in a loop or something? Did that...
  23. K.piddy

    Music Collab wanted

    Looking for a person to collab with me on a music review, in my music reviews i go over all major events that happened in hip hop r&b and pop culture, newly released music, the top 5 on the music charts, and upcoming music releases, so if you'd like to collab lmk
  24. brainsApplied

    Please give feedback on my subject and presentation style

    Hello ladies and gents, I have made a new video and I would like to know if the subject and the way it is presented is entertaining and interesting enough. Would you watch a video like this if you found it somewhere online? Thanks in advance for your feedback! :) Regards, Willem
  25. Diversified Unison

    What Could We Do Different?

    Hello all really need your honest review on our latest video. We recently release our new video which we are calling "The Larger Project". It is actually the most successful video so far. It has always been our plan that we will do live covers and between them we will do videos like this. Here...
  26. Abdullahx9000

    Anything I can improve on my Channel?

    Hey there I am Abdullahx9000, and I would LOVE some feedback on my Channel. What am I doing wrong and what can be done better? Answers will be REALLY Appreciated! Channel Name: Abdullahx9000 Thanks! - Abdullahx9000
  27. R

    Not suitable for advertisers...cannot request review.

    Hi, I'm trying to request a manual review for a bunch of my videos that got hit with the "Not suitable for most advertisers" but it seems that I don't have the link in the video manager to do so. Has this happened to anyone else?
  28. Adventure Campitelli

    Family Adventures/Travels

    I started a family adventure/travel channel back in April. My first video wasn't very good in my opinion but it was fun to make. It is 17 mins long and I made it entirely on my iphone, even using imovie to create it. I have since moved on and got a gopro, drone, and still use my iphone for...
  29. PvtPsycho

    Review of my Game Trailer

    I would like to get some feedback on a trailer I made recently over a new app! Specifically I’m looking for thoughts and improvements on the following: Video production, audio production, editing style, thumbnail, Overall ‘vibe’ of the video! Thank you for the feedback!
  30. Dutchie Abroad

    Do my videos need more editting?

    Hey everyone! So I'm about 1,5 months in and this is the point that I start becoming more critical of my videos. Especially my sit-down-talk videos, because it is just me talking to a camera and I'm affraid people will get bored and click away. Now is my question: do my videos need more...