1. Benau

    Please give feedback on my new song: Versus [Future/Bass]

    Hey there everyone! Benau here. I just released my song versus on my channel, its been on YouTube before though. Could you guys give me some feedback? Thanks! - Benau
  2. JOLAtheCOLA

    Thoughts about our video?

    If anyone would be so kind and give us some feedback on our latest video :) We would like to know: Was it funny/entertaining? How was the audio? good, not bad , blah? Any tips or advice's for future video? Was the thumbnail attractive enough? Here is the video: Thank you! :)
  3. Spaceshipcontrol

    Video Feedback

    Hey everyone, Can you guys please help me? I need feedback on my latest video: Please rate it out of 10, and explain why. Also, is the pacing of the video good, or does it make you want to click away at some point, is there a point where it gets boring or is it too fast at some points? Did...
  4. Miss Medi

    I'd really love some feedback on my latest video? Trying to improve! :)

    Hello and thanks very much for clicking on this post! I would love your feedback on my latest gaming video, I have never asked for a review before so a bit nervous - but I really do want to improve and grow my channel. This is my latest episode of my Rayman 2 Let's Play which is part of my...