1. Miss Meowlina

    Copyright flagging trailer review help ?

    I wanted to seek some advice for my boy who was recently flagged as a starting youtuber... He did a monetized thoughts/reactions video of the Deadpool 2 trailer and was flagged by Fox for violated copyright... But we were both under the impression that trailers and clips could be used if they...
  2. Style Child

    Review my Best Video???

    Hi YTTalk, Before i request a review, im going to give you some context and backstory to the video as i feel like its quite important to understanding the video. When i make my videos i tend to do them in one sitting. So they reflect whatever i am feeling at the time, a sort of visual diary...
  3. TNTyphlosion

    Commentary CLOSED - Looking for Writers and/or Narrators

    I have a video game, movie review and commentary channel, and am looking for a few people who might be interested in helping write and/or voice over some scripts. I have needed to get a job outside of youtube and have very little time to work on videos now. The channel mainly focuses on video...
  4. Juliana Sabo

    Made some changes, feedback appreciated!

    Hello all! I've recently made some changes to my channel, such as adding music under my videos and even filming in a new location. I would really appreciate it if you guys would check out my latest video and let me know if you think the new setup is working, of if you have any suggestions to...
  5. KingFishOcean

    Expert Channel Review Please?

    Hello. My name is Ocean. My channel is KingFishOcean. I have been making videos on the channel for years now, and I have hit a dead end for seven billionth time. I have been studying SEO a lot lately and trying to figure out where I may be going wrong with my channel. I have about 1.2k subs but...
  6. javacentral

    Blue cheese as a coffee creamer?

    So what do you think of this weird and kinda gross video? I had way to much fun making it so I know my feelings about it, now I want to know yours!
  7. TobyWan

    First video I feel really good about, want review on commentary

    Hey Everyone! So I posted a video today and its the first one where I think I sound comfortable with speaking and fluid as far as the commentary I'm making over my gameplay. I would love to hear what people think about it, let me know if its good and what you would change video wise or audio...
  8. Style Child

    Thoughts on my content?

    Hi YTTalk!!! this is my first review request so i guess ill see how it goes :redface: to start off with ill tell you about my content, i make vaporwave/aesthetic music video edits. For those who do not know, Vaporwave/Aesthetic is a music genre that used 80's samples and such to envoke emotions...
  9. sparkypi

    How is my commentary?

    I've been working for a while now and finally have over 50 videos. My request for your reviewal is how my commentary and video quality has improved. My most recent video is "Space! - Portal 2 Part 18 (Story End)". This is the video linked to this request. How is my commentary overall? Would...
  10. Brandzor


    Hello there! I've recently started back up on YouTube after a long period away (mainly due to laziness in making videos), however I came to miss it. I've now returned and in fairness I have tried to upgrade my channel with new banners, logo, intro and everything else. HOWEVER, If someone or a...
  11. Jimmajabba

    Feedback On My Newest Video Needed!

    Hello whoever may be reading this! I have recently completed and uploaded the newest episode of a comedy gaming show i do on YouTube (similar to the likes of Jontron, PBG, SpaceHamster etc) and would love to get some feedback on my format, audio quality, comedic value, etc. It's been a year...
  12. FurryFriends

    Do You Get Negative/Bad Comments?...How do you cope with them?

    Sometimes I get "f" or "s" and hate words on my videos from some people for no apparent reason, they don't give suggestions but only negative emotions... I'm not sure why they are so harsh. Just curious does this happen to you as well? How to you cope with these negative words?.. Thanks!
  13. Aaron Mendoza

    Review on my Channel Graphics?

    If you could please Navigate to my channel Videos section to show ALL videos and just look at my graphics recently, and scroll up to my Channel Art and Avatar. Anything is really appreciated. You DONOT have to scroll down videos just a little bit. :) However you want to do as this is just...
  14. Lekjih

    Video review for interaction

    I know the visual quality on this is shocking, as I filmed it at night in a poorly lit room, while tired, with a laptop webcam, and made the mistake of editing while still tired. What I'm looking for is feedback on how I interact with the camera, so to speak, as I'm naturally a bit camera shy...
  15. Matthew Autry

    I am a new Vlogger

    Hello everyone. I am Matthew Autry. I have been uploading videos for about 3 months now, and my views have stayed about the same. So I feel that I have hit a wall. My channel is vlogging. I love youtube, and I would like to keep doing it. So I feel the best way for me to do that, is to get...
  16. W

    Would like feedback on this video.

    I recently made this video and thought it'd be a good idea. I want to know if it's got potential. Personally I think it's the best video I've done yet.
  17. SimpleUnboxingTV

    In purpose of improving!

    Hello guys I am a fairly new Youtuber, I would very much appreciate if you could have a look at my video and tell me what you think of my work. What needs to improve? Does this video catch your attention as a viewer? And if so, What makes this video interesting? Thank you guys in advance...
  18. O

    Review my Comedy Channel Please

    Hello, I would like feedback on my Comedy Channel. I'm going to work extra hard this year to bring new content to this channel. I would like feedback on the follow things. 1. What types of videos of mine do you like the most/least 2. What should I add or change to increase more viewers or...
  19. Rolz

    Latest video review

    Hi guys, I just released my 3rd Dragon ball XV2 video (pretty much me doing a playthrough - I run a gaming/tech/vlogging channel) and would like to get your opinion on the quality of my voice/speech so that I may improve on it. What I mean by that is anything along the lines of, am I...
  20. Kush Patel

    Firewind - Immortals // Album Review!

    Let us know what you think about this album!
  21. Sven Vee

    Filmmaker/Vlogger Need Feedback! Are My Vids Good Enough?!

    Hey everyone! I would love some feedback on my channel, so I can get an honest couple of tips about what might need improvement. This is both for the content I put out there, as for the more aesthetic aspects of my channel. If you have any tips, they are very very welcome! ^^ Sven
  22. SnowAspire

    Gaming Skyrim/Fallout 4 Mod Review Partner(s)

    I am looking for an individual to help review Skyrim and Fallout 4 Mods. I currently review them by myself, but I feel that if there was more of a discussion about the mods in review between 2 or more people, the videos could be even more entertaining. Right now, I am doing Mod reviews once a...
  23. javacentral

    How to make a mocha at home

    Nice little simple yet fun recipe. What do you think of the video as a whole? I tried out some new lighting and really kinda like it so far.
  24. Kush Patel

    Need Help with Audio Recording (Urgent)

    So me and a few friends have started a podcast more for the fun of it since we really enjoy what we are doing, but we need a good way to record the audio. So right now, we use discord since it has some of the best voice calling right now, and audacity to record. Problem is that by using audacity...
  25. Lekjih

    One month review~?

    Hi guys! So I started my channel a month ago today, and I have known issues, but I wanted to know what I am perhaps missing when I look over it? Known problems - Video quality not optimum. I use my twitch to record the game video itself. It lags sometimes, and has a recommended setting below...
  26. Nutfee

    Feedback on a review of the game Little King's Story

    I've been trying my hand at review / overview style videos about video games, where I try to go over an entire game while making fun of it a bit. My newest one is on the Steam port of Little King's Story. I tried pretty hard on this one, and did my best to pour humor into it. It took about 20...
  27. ZactheRipper

    LAST WEEKS FEEDBACK FIX Please review channel

    Hello everyone... This is my second week on YouTube and I think im starting to get stuff figured out... My mic quality is still kind of bad but im waiting for my new one to still arrive in the mail... aside from that I tweaked my thumbnails and banner and added some stuff such as intro and...