Feedback On My Newest Video Needed!


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Aug 19, 2015
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Hello whoever may be reading this!

I have recently completed and uploaded the newest episode of a comedy gaming show i do on YouTube (similar to the likes of Jontron, PBG, SpaceHamster etc) and would love to get some feedback on my format, audio quality, comedic value, etc.

It's been a year and a bit since i made one of these 15 minute heavily edited "reviews", and i would like to know if the style that comes across as a viewer is too similar to other more successful YouTubers.

I would love some feedback on here if possible, but on YouTube works as well.

I give you free reign to completely rip my video to pieces, because i need all the constructive criticism i can get! I want to take as many pointers on board so i can make a better video for next months release...
Thanks everyone, i will leave the link to my video down at the bottom to anyone wiling to watch and critic!

Thank You!
- James

Link To Video: