1. F

    Nintendo Creators Program - for fan films/music vids?

    So, does anyone know if Nintendo's "Creators Program" extends beyond partnering for videos containing gaming footage (let's plays, etc)? I want to make a short fan film/music video based on one of Nintendo's properties and it seems like the Creators Program *might* be a way to avoid incurring...
  2. FrankenPixelGaming

    GOT THE MOON PEARL - A Link to the Past Part 13

  3. Jimmajabba

    Feedback On My Newest Video Needed!

    Hello whoever may be reading this! I have recently completed and uploaded the newest episode of a comedy gaming show i do on YouTube (similar to the likes of Jontron, PBG, SpaceHamster etc) and would love to get some feedback on my format, audio quality, comedic value, etc. It's been a year...
  4. Jimmajabba


    My newest video on how the windwaker's outset island is awesome has just come out! It took me bloody ages to edit this thing, but i try to go in depth and be funny and all that jazz Give it a watch if you have the time and feedback is appreciated as always! Have a great day guys, stay classy...
  5. ProfessionalRik

    Millions Raised, Switches Flipped, Sniper Kojima! --- Gaming News Show

    I'm trying out this new style of video, trying to do some news style reporting. Now, this is kind of janky, but I'm still pretty proud of how it turned out. Also, I'm proud of my reporting. What do you guys think? Of the news, video needs improvement, I know.
  6. MechaJake

    Nintendo Switch Reaction & MORE!

    Hey Everyone, I was up late last night recording and editing so I could release these three videos today. I did reactions last night to some new Zelda trailers, Red Dead Redemption 2, and the Nintendo Switch! I'll post all 3 of them below! Just so you all know.....I'm just a crazy...
  7. Monolith Music And Games

    Just hit 100 subs!!! Where should I go from here?

    I had just hit 100 subscribers the other day (I'm at a whopping 107 now) and I can't helpe but ask... where should I go from here? I've been streaming a lot of video games lately, and that's been a decently big increase in views and a huge increase in subscribers and my own little community. I...
  8. Monolith Music And Games

    Come hang and watch me play Ocarina of Time on the N64!!

    Streaming some OoT on the OG N64 :D
  9. Monolith Music And Games

    Streaming Ocarina of Time right now!!!

    Come join me!!!
  10. Dyslaxsia Animation

    Voice Acting ZELDA ANIMATION

    Need voice actors for both link and Navi for a short animation. Send me a link or an Email with a voice clip. I'm looking for a link like the one from TP, Both cool and funny. Navi is more small and cute but with a atetude
  11. Flash Cake

    The STUPIDEST Let's Play Idea Ever!

    One day I had the idea to duck tape a WiiMote to my head and play the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword. If you're the kind of person who likes to laugh at physical pain, you've come to the right place. Enjoy :)
  12. Aaron Ceballos

    GAME BREAKING GLITCH // Wind Waker (Chaos Edition)

    Finally had to cheat in this game
  13. Aaron Ceballos

    THE HOMELESS ARE ANNOYING // Zelda: Wind Waker (Chaos Edition)

    This is the greatest hack i have ever played
  14. Aaron Ceballos


    This game makes me laugh every time i play it
  15. Jaise

    Animation Need Animation Team for Movie/Series

    Hello, Over the last few months, I've been writing a screenplay adaptation of the popular and beloved game franchise, "The Legend of Zelda." So far, it's at 147 pages at the time of posting this, which translates to about two hours of the fastest delivery in film time. What I'm looking...
  16. j12stones

    The BEST Super Smash Bros Characters

  17. Chris Santoyo

    Gaming Nintendo-related Collaboration

    Hello everyone like many of us I am a small time Youtuber doing live commentary on video games. I was hoping that if anyone is interested in doing a collaboration they are more then welcome to message me. I don't have much to offer in terms of subscribers butt I do edit my own videos and know...
  18. TravelingEevee

    Gaming Pokemon or Other Nintendo Collabs

    I am interested in a Pokemon collab (or other Nintendo game that I'm interested in). It would be cool if you could join me for my Pokemon showdown series or do a top ten together where we could compare each others opinions, or even maybe a series together on PokeMMO, or whatever.
  19. Bryan S

    Gaming Templars of Hyrule, Pvp Challenge Faceoff, World Building and More!

    Still looking for a few people to join me and my boyfriend on a custom map called Templars of Hyrule, PvP Challenge Faceoff map that I made, and someone to play with us on a world we are building, or just friends for casual minecraft! Minecraft Username: Waytodawn2291 & Twobecomeone2377...