1. Jonatan Moser

    Do I have vlogging potential?

    Hi awesome people of YTtalk! My channel is primarily a cover/acapella channel, but now and then, when I have special information about upcoming stuff or else, I do 'vlogs'... Now, I am not going to go all vlogger on my channel, but I would like to know how I am doing so far - just to know if it...
  2. Locky

    Gaming Gaming Review Collab's - Pokemon Games?

    Hi All, I'm wanting to do a few collab's BUT NOT perhaps in the sense of straight off gaming! i.e. live feed Skype etc etc and live footage. Instead, I want to focus on looking at particular games, and giving some of your honest opinions on them e.g. negatives/positives/what could be...
  3. Omnicide

    *Feedback on my latest video!

    Recently uploaded a new video, took ages to make so I would really appreciate you leaving me any feedback (goods & bads) on the video or here! Its only 2 minutes long so it would be great if you could view the whole thing. Thanks a lot for reading this far haha XD. Thanks for watching!
  4. KooL KiD Gamers!

    Looking to restart my channel

    a while back i started my youtube channel. was going pretty steady with videos and looking to restart it all again.. reason i stopped was because my father passed away at the time and was bumped out and just completely threw me off balance with everything. looking to come back stronger then...
  5. Sambo Gaming

    First time commentary

    Hey guys this is my fourth video over all but it is my first doing a commentary before actual gameplay. Let me know how it sounds. Also the thumbnail is my best to date in my opinion tell me what you think of that too please! Your feedback is appreciated and thanks in advance!
  6. PotatoBabeCosplay

    Channel Review: PotatoBabeCosplay

    I really would like some feed back because I've been making a lot of changes lately. I will take whatever you have to say. I recently changed my profile picture my channel art and I'm about to post a new channel trailer so maybe it will be up when you get to review it. I'm also working on a lot...
  7. N.R.Walters

    Haiku Feedback.

    Hi all, I am working on making a series of connected Haiku videos about an invasion of skulls, and would love some feedback on the fist one so we can improve on them in future. Would love to have a discussion on how it could be improved. Many thanks in advance, and look forward to...
  8. Catu

    Is my video fun to watch?

    . Hello! So i've been continually trying to improve the content on my channel through listening to everyones criticisms and I would like to know if this video is maybe too long? I try to keep my videos around 5-6 minutes but I would like to know if the longer videos are also fun to watch. Also...
  9. Jonatan Moser

    Why do I get so many dislikes???

    Hi there! Okay, first off... I don't get MANY dislikes, but I do get some... And on some videos it's worse than others (obviously). I don't want to come off as 'whiney' or anything, I am just genuinly curious. The thing is that I seem to get a bit worse 'like/dislike' ratio on a lot of my videos...
  10. javacentral

    Did my latest video just slightly different from my others..

    Wanted to see what yall thought about it. I started it off kinda like a tv show with describing a bit about Japan and diving in from there over my usual 'welcome to Java Central here's today's episode'. I thought it wasn't too shabby, just could have been a bit more exciting or more energy...
  11. Nebojsa032

    Jetion DEP047 headphones - review

    Hello guys, in this video i will show you Jetion DEP047 headphones :) This headphones cost around 10-15$, they have great build quality and they sound great. If you don't understand my language, there are English captions available for this video.
  12. world_class_footballer

    Nike Hypervenom Phantom DARK LIGHTNING PACK Review - NEW DECEMBER 2016 -

    I've uploaded a new football boot (cleat) review video and would love for it get more exposure. Please take 5 minutes to check it out. I'd greatly appreciate it and feel free to like, subscribe, and comment if you'd like. Also, if you could share the video as well would mean a lot to me because...
  13. Rahi Official

    Should I try it again? Feedback & Suggestion!

    I made this video without any preparation. Me and my friend thought we should try something new and made this. We are thinking of start making more videos like this. I'll love to have some feedback from you guys. Thanks in advance!
  14. FrankenPixelGaming

    I'd love a review on my first video

    So this is my first video, and I know it's not great. The lack of HD kinda hurts it (This is fixed in all the following videos), and it's quiet. Still though, I would love some feedback. Any advice on how to improve my commentary, sound, etc. would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for...
  15. JanPlays_

    Antichamber | Game Reviews | Like no other game you've ever played

    Hello everyone, today I'm reviewing AntiChamber! A game with a giant map full of illusions, tricks, clues and things that you have to find! This game is like no other game i've ever played. The ratings are very positive everywhere and I rate it 9.5/10 Please Subscribe if you enjoyed!
  16. Baylze

    Please review the COMMENTARY of this video! :)

    Hi guys, this section of the forum might be my favorite - because I love developing and learning with other small YouTubers like myself. For the most part, I've been the one giving critique, but now I need some of my own! I'd like the commentary of this video to be constructively criticized...

    Infinite Warfare | Warfighter Combat Rig Breakdown

    so here i have a cheeky review for you guys! basically a little gameplay and explanation of the warfighter combat rig! so if you are confused about infinite warfare combat rigs this is perfect for you.
  18. MudanTV

    How to improve my 30sec Channel intro

    I'm looking for ways to improve my intro video. Is it catchy enough? should I add more clips/less clips? Does that actually generate any interest(even if you are not an anime fan since my main purpose is to entertain).
  19. CoreyPlays

    Steep game review :D

    Hello and join me today as we review the game steep on xbox one and I point out my favorite and least favorite parts of this game :D
  20. datelinedisney

    Review my branding (thumbnails, banner, watermark)

    Hi! I've recently rebranded my channel, and since then I've really been trying to push that brand. I tried my best to make it more minimalist and focused than my original branding was, which you can find on my first couple of videos. I'm mostly wondering about my thumbnails, banner and...
  21. S.A.D

    WESTWORLD seaon 1 review

    It's a little late, but just like this show, you cant rush art. hope you like it thanks.
  22. Baylze

    THE BLUE SNOWBALL! | Desktop Microphone Review

    Hello everyone, my name is Bailey, better known as Baylze! If you enjoyed the video, then a like & comment would be much appreciated! If you REALLY liked the video - then subscribe to the channel for more awesome Gaming content! :D More info on the Snowball...
  23. Malasia

    Get to know me tag! ♡

  24. W


    I was wondering if any of you could review my storytime video about my dream job, and let me know the good and the bad. I'd like to know what I could improve. Thank you and have a nice day/night.
  25. UnicycleFight

    Trying to take it to the next level!

    I feel like my video content has improved quite a bit since I started uploading but I know there is always room to improve! I'd also say my thumbnail/tagging game is getting pretty strong. If this were your video and you would have done something differently to make it more entertaining or...
  26. J

    Second video - i took your advice

    Hello all, This is my second video, and i posted the first one here for feedback, which i have now implemented partially, and i was looking for even more feedback. This is a good way for me to improve, as it gives me concrete goals i can aim for. The video can be found here: Stuff i improved...
  27. SheepDreams

    What can I do to improve?!?! TELL ME! :D

    Hello lovely creators & people of all ages! I'm sheepy & I been doing youtube for a while and even though I had success in some parts I die every so often. I don't think I disappoint as I always look for somewhat original content. So I would like you to review my art. Ex: Are my thumbnails...
  28. Derrick Toys

    What Do You Think??

    Looking for new ideas / tips to improve my kids channel. This is our latest video - would appreciate your helpful advice, thanks! What do you think about thumbnail, title, video length etc.?
  29. CrimsartHD

    Need an honest review on my art and my first YouTube speedpaint!

    Hey, just posted my first YouTube video a few hours ago and was wondering if somebody could give me a review on the artwork on my channel and also a review on the video, like, what should I change? How can I improve? Stuff like that. Thanks!
  30. DearDarcy

    Need Feedback on Art please :)

    Hello all! So i'm not a very Artsy person but tried my best on it, please could someone give me some feedback or tell me if anything needs to be changed? I Like simplistic stuff but don't know it if looks too .... unproffessional or whatever x Thank you in advance! :)Talking about my channel...