Voice over... i am not used to listen to my own voice


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I wonder if i am the only one who think its strange to hear your own voice on a voice over.
I made my first video in which i am talking. As you can tell, English isnt my mothertongue and i wonder if the voice aspect of the video is ok? I mean voice itself, tone, language and overall soundquality.

Hope to get some feedback on that here!
The video is a review of a camera and a speedpainting of the flash using that camera

Not bad at all man! I enjoyed it. The whole hearing your voice thing and thinking it's weird is normal. You will get used to it eventually.
Hey man, Just so you know basically no one likes the sound of their own voice we all think we sound far cooler than audio recording seems to make us seem. :p I prepared a whole voice over video years ago and had all the video edited and ready to go, and then I did the voice over... I was so discouraged hearing how terrible my voice sounded that I completely abandoned YouTube until now. The only difference is now I have accepted what it sounds like and I don't even notice it any more. I think with the more videos you make the more it will become natural.

P.S wish I could draw like you keep up the good work!
Thanks for the kind words @all!!! Really appreciate it.
Just didnt want to sound as a total idiot when i am talking in a language i dont speak on a daily basis. So there is hope!
Voice: You're fine; you've got a good voice, it's not to shrill or deep.
Tone: You could use a little more enthusiasm, you've nothing to be nervous about. Your channel is your house.
Language: Solid language, like @Tom theWildlife said, there's plenty of people who start with English and don't necessarily learn it.
Sound Quality: I, personally, felt you could have increased the volume level on your voice in post, but that might be fixed with your increased in confidence.

Side Note: That was an awesome portrait of Flash! ----ing awesome!