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ASPHALT 9: Legends is a Free-To-Play arcade racing game on the Nintendo Switch that...doesn't actually suck. In fact, I think this game is surprisingly good.

Hey guy.

Just finished watching your video.

Generally speaking i liked your review. It painted a good overall picture of the game, and i think you make a good distinction between realistic car games and more crazy games such as this and Burnout which you mention.

I think your voice audio could be improved. I would be interested to hear what your current setup is. I don't have the best mic myself, but by using audio editing software (I use Audacity as it is free, and has a big community), it gets better, so maybe that could be a thing to try out?

Also, I like that you compared the game to Burnout, but I would have liked a more detailed description of the differences between the two games. At 3:32 ish, you say that you can't really explain the difference between the games, which i personally dislike as it doesn't give me anything concrete. I would properly consider the differences more so that you can put words on what you think.

But overall, i liked it. Thanks for the watch!
Hey man, thanks for watching and thanks for the feedback. Currently just using my phone at the moment, although i'm hoping to improve on my overall setup at some point. Every video is an opportunity to improve, so i'll take into consideration what you have said.
Wow, I am a little surprised, there are so many pages of videos, lots of views but nobody comments. Very strange. Everybody wants to post but nobody wants to support it seems.
Free to play games are a bit iffy to me. You have a good approach to reviewing stuff. How long have you been Youtubing?