Should I have an intro to my videos?

Maarij Bashir

I've Got It
I'm working on new music videos and was just wondering should I still keep using my intro. I like it but I feel like it kind seems unnecessary. I think I could just do an outro of saying "thank you for watching my video".

What do you guys think?
neither are necessary but reminding people to subscribe at the end would be recommended as people these days watch videos then just click off the page.
If the intro is different each time, it could be interesting but in most cases I think it's better not to use it. Outro is better, you can ask them to subscribe and show a portion including link to a previous video.
I like intro's but for me I think they have to be very brief, mine is only 3 seconds long. If they are much longer I feel people just know about how long they are and skip past it.
Yes, the first 6-7 seconds of a video is the most important, it is what makes the viewer stay for the whole video.
Totally up to you dude if you make one don't make it TOO long or people will walk away before reaching the content :)!