1. G

    Tips and Advice?

    Hi there im currently in the works of creating a youtube channel. Do you guys have any tips that could help me? All tips would be extremely helpful
  2. Fox Beat

    Be aware, if you're watching your own vids...

    Some of the most common reasons for invalid activity: Clicking ads on your own site and/or YouTube channel [most of us know it already] One or more users repeatedly clicking your ads [we know it as well] The last thing is watching our own ads, this is happened by accidents sometimes, when we...
  3. M

    Still inswcure ane shy behind the camera?

    Hey YTers, Any tips for getting over "stage fright"? I have NEVER felt comfortable in front of a camera until very recently (about a year ago) and I finally racked up the confidence to start my channel.. Nevertheless, I still feel uncomfortable talking to the camera sometimes. When i playback...
  4. Rolz

    Audio interface?

    Hi guys, check out my latest video where I unbox the M-AUDIO M-Track 2X2 audio interface :) It's pretty dope! Looks very slick and modern! If you enjoy the video be sure to smash that LIKE button and Subscribe for weekly videos :D!
  5. Pochusaurus

    Should I start creating content based on most views?

    I posted a video about overwatch and its gain a ton of views and subscribers but the thing is, I get it. People subbed because its overwatch. One of the most popular games worldwide and probably because they found my reactions funny. However videos like those aren't usuals on my channel. Well...
  6. Matthew Autry

    Other anyone want to do a collab?

    I'm a fairly new youtuber, and I would very much appreciate a colab with anyone, or mabe some tips for how to improve my channel would be much appreciated. thanks :)
  7. Rolz

    Giveaway suggestions

    Hi guys, I'm currently around the 60 subscriber mark and would like to do a giveaway once I reach 100 subs! Now what I need help with is the tracking of entries, I would like to use follows/subs (insta/twitter/youtube) to permit entries. Is there any way to track entries into the giveaway...
  8. F

    Other Collaboration for a Tech Video

    Hey guys , i am growing on youtube and i want to make a collaboration video with someone who is interested in Tech or gaming for a collab of some sort. Text me if you're interested. Open to all ideas ! If you'd like to look my channel then type this UCcK8TjJZUNraou4jurQwNcA after...
  9. GregRawinski

    Road Trip Essentials

  10. O

    Review on my second animation.

    Hi, in the past few months I made an animation series called "Down With The Damned" and the second episode is my second fully fledged animation, and i need tips from fellow animators. The animations are a little based off Cyanide & Happiness. What I use to animate: Macromedia Flash MX. NOTE...
  11. Lauramillanmu

    Channel review - how can I improve my channel?

    Hi everyone! :wavespin: I'm Laura and I'm fairly new to both Youtube and YTTalk. I've recently started a makeup channel and I'm uploading two videos a week, which I believe is a good number. I wanted to ask you guys whether you could give me any tips and feedback on the channel in general, so...
  12. TheGeneralSpace

    Getting your content out there - Tips Needed

    So I have a reasonable sized channel, Just under 5K subs and for a while I was getting loads of views and comments and everything, However all of a sudden around september of last year it just dried up. I have a twitter and post my videos on there and I never post anything that I beleive to be...
  13. Rolz

    Lighting for videos?

    Hi guys whatsup! Hope you are all well. Just a quick question(mod feel free to move this if its in the wrong place): When shooting your actual videos (not recording gameplays) how do you get the lighting right? Do you just record in the morning when it's bright or do you situate some of those...
  14. Robot Elixir

    Just hit 100,000 views! On the path to 1k subs

    I've just passed the 100,000 views mark on my channel - YAY!!!! My channel is now 2 years old and I'm super excited with this achievement. I'm hoping to reach the 1k subscriber milestone soon and to be honest I thought I'd have reached that sooner, but I'm not complaining. At least people are...
  15. Dalindcy

    How To Use Reddit To Gain Exposure: What You Need To Know

    Reddit is a very, very fickle website. I see a lot of people saying on here that they either think Reddit is amazing or that they hate the website. The truth is, for a lot of small content creators it can really be a great way to gain some exposure, as long as you do it the right way. I thought...
  16. Heather White

    5 Running Tips For Newbies

    Tips for new runners or experienced runners who need a few more pointers. You can find running and hiking vlogs also on my channel as well as fitness tips. How To Start Running: Tips For New Runners
  17. sparkypi

    How do you capture Skype calls for game collabs?

    If you want to do a collab with another gaming YouTuber over the internet, how do you capture their voice and time it with your video? Do you just have to send it to each other?
  18. javacentral


    So I'm a dude. I don't hardly ever think let alone go on Pintrest. I have been stuck in a social media rut lately so I sucked it up and hopped on it the other day to get active on it for the first time...EVER! And man. I got a nice response after minimal effort. I liked a couple posts, added...
  19. Annette Regina

    Subscribing to the channels of people who promised to subscribe to mine.....and they did not.

    I didn't expect to be disappointed by fellow you tubers who, like me, are looking for subscribers. Is there a way this can be tracked? I'm working on high quality relatable content and I am sure I'll eventually get the subscribers but for now I need to market my channel as much as I can.
  20. W

    Channel Idea What do you think?

    So I recently thought about making a new channel. I am a writer, primarily short stories and I am currently in the process of writing a novel. I thought I'd chronicle the adventure of writing a novel as well as give some tips and advice along the way. What do you think. Do you think there's a...
  21. TheLifeOfJorge

    A New Vlogger!

    Hey everybody, so I recently started posting videos (almost a week ago)! I post vlogs, story times, and will post more kinds of content soon. I hope you guys will check out my channel and hopefully subscribe. Thanks, and hope you enjoy! :)
  22. Anthony from League Talks

    Can i get started as a new YouTuber with only a cellphone?

    I really do not have the money to buy a laptop or computer to help me create and edit videos. So can you guys help me what do i need to do to still do Youtube with only my cellphone (Asus Zenfone 5) i have a passion for doing it but don't have the necessary tools to make quality video and audio...
  23. O

    Review my Comedy Channel Please

    Hello, I would like feedback on my Comedy Channel. I'm going to work extra hard this year to bring new content to this channel. I would like feedback on the follow things. 1. What types of videos of mine do you like the most/least 2. What should I add or change to increase more viewers or...
  24. W

    Should I Start A Daily Vlog?

    Ok so I've been doing vlogs on my YouTube channel and they've been fairly successful. I've been wanting to do a daily Vlog for awhile now but am scared to start it. I think it'd be a lot of fun. Do you think it'd be a good idea to start one and if so what are some tips?
  25. Sven Vee

    Filmmaker/Vlogger Need Feedback! Are My Vids Good Enough?!

    Hey everyone! I would love some feedback on my channel, so I can get an honest couple of tips about what might need improvement. This is both for the content I put out there, as for the more aesthetic aspects of my channel. If you have any tips, they are very very welcome! ^^ Sven
  26. SnowAspire

    Gaming Skyrim/Fallout 4 Mod Review Partner(s)

    I am looking for an individual to help review Skyrim and Fallout 4 Mods. I currently review them by myself, but I feel that if there was more of a discussion about the mods in review between 2 or more people, the videos could be even more entertaining. Right now, I am doing Mod reviews once a...
  27. Elissa Jordan

    A Message to All Content Creators

    Hello fellow content creators and future content creators! My name is Elissa and I am a vlogger on YouTube. Recently, I have really been thinking about something and I want you guys to hear it. It has changed the idea of YouTube for me and I hope it will change it for you. I propose a...
  28. Werppeoo

    I need opinions on my channel brand!

    So I just wanna know if people overall like my channel background and thumbnails, stuff like that. Any tips on it? Or is it okay?
  29. Scandinavian Freckles

    Are you scared or nervous about flying?

    Hey everybody. Yesterday I uploaded my last video of 2016 and I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about it. I used to work as a flight attendant and there are so many who are afraid or nervous to fly, so many people that it is the most common thing that we come over on a plane. There are a...
  30. FrankenPixelGaming

    Understanding YouTube Analytics

    So some help here would be greatly appreciated. Mainly my biggest point of confusion is when does YouTube update their analytics? I don't have many views or whatnot, but I have a couple and very few things seem to be showing up. So are there any beginner tips for understanding how YouTube...