Should I start creating content based on most views?


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I posted a video about overwatch and its gain a ton of views and subscribers but the thing is, I get it. People subbed because its overwatch. One of the most popular games worldwide and probably because they found my reactions funny. However videos like those aren't usuals on my channel. Well, they used to but they weren't as hot as my other videos.

So I should I be creating content based on where my subscribers are coming from and just stop some of the other videos I'm pushing out? I'm worried cause they might leave once they realize Overwatch isn't a regular thing on my channel.
Just do the videos you want to do.
I don't know what your goals with youtube are, but I think everybody should stick with the stuff he/she likes ( which does not mean you should try something new).
I concur with the last post, do the videos you like to do and those who like it, will stick around and watch those as well!