How To Use Reddit To Gain Exposure: What You Need To Know


Reddit is a very, very fickle website. I see a lot of people saying on here that they either think Reddit is amazing or that they hate the website. The truth is, for a lot of small content creators it can really be a great way to gain some exposure, as long as you do it the right way. I thought I would write up some things I've learned through trial and error to help out the people that are unfamiliar with the website.

What is Reddit anyways?
In short: Reddit is a discussion website. The community members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links in so-called 'subreddits': Subcategories about different subjects. you can find subreddits on anything, from sports to things that are oddly satisfying for example. Users can then vote submissions up or down to organize the posts and determine the position on the frontpage of each subreddit and the frontpage of the website.

Although you have to be registered to comment on submissions, most users stay largely anonymous. Often, this brings out the worst in people (or the best!)

Reddiquette is hard to explain, but I'm gonna try anyways. So if you found a subreddit that matches your content (use the search bar on the right to search for keywords) make sure to read all the rules of that particular subreddit. Some subreddits ban self-promotion altogether and some allow it to some degree. DO NOT self-promote if the subreddit prohibits it. You will be not only be eaten alive by the community, but there's also the chance of being (shadow)banned.

Getting used to the Reddit community
Reddit is brutally honest, and you'll get some bruises throughout your experience with the website. Make sure you're braced for negative comments, because you'll get those no matter what. I've been told that my videos are s**t, I'm ugly and that I need to die. But I've also gained valuable community members through the website. The biggest tip I can give to new users is to be completely honest as well. Don't pretend like you're not the creator of your video so it doesn't come off as self-promotion. They will find out. Just dive into the community. Talk to a few people, join some subreddits about topics you enjoy. Assimilate.

How to post your content
So, after you've found some subreddits that allow (certain types) of self-promotion and that fit the topic of your channel, you can just post your video right? Nope. You gotta join the conversation first, otherwise you'll just come off as a hit-and-runner. Give people tips and share your thoughts. Then you can maybe post a video.

I've noticed that videos gain more (positive) traction if I word the title of my Reddit post in a certain way. Instead of just posting the video with its original title (''5 ways you're doing x wrong'') I will write something like ''I made this video about the ways people do x wrong and I thought you guys might enjoy it'' This works sometimes because it sounds more personal and like you're actually serving a community. It totally depends on your content and target audience though, look at how the other posts in the subreddit are worded and use that to your advantage.

Hope this will help some of you folks out there that are new to Reddit and/or are discouraged from using this social media platform.

Although I've been on Reddit for a long time, I'm no expert. If anyone has any tips to add to this post, feel free to post them in the comments below. I'm also more than happy to answer questions. :)
I think people just toss something on R/videos and get upset when it gets obliterated by down votes.

You really do have to spend weeks and months getting involved with a sub.
Just have fun with it
Very very very good subject. I personally have very bad experience with Reddit because of not knowing. But I read youR post and found myself stupid because of acting other way. Logic is Reddit banned me few times :-( . But this place is founded so people can talk and learn. Thank you. LIKE :)
These are some good tips! I did find it a lot easier to promote gaming video's on reddit. At the moment I am doing challenge/reaction video's and I am finding it a little hard to get the video out there