Subscribing to the channels of people who promised to subscribe to mine.....and they did not.

Annette Regina

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I didn't expect to be disappointed by fellow you tubers who, like me, are looking for subscribers. Is there a way this can be tracked?

I'm working on high quality relatable content and I am sure I'll eventually get the subscribers but for now I need to market my channel as much as I can.
Sub4sub is always a sketchy and imo bad practice. I'd try to avoid it as much as possible! If you want loyal subs you just basically gotta make friends at the small level and go from there!

Yea, I agree, especially as I want my subscribers to actually enjoy the content I make.
Sub4Sub practice does not work in the long term. Why get subscribers who won't be there to watch your content? Doesn't matter if you get 1 Million Sub4Sub subscribers if you only get 1,000 views, maybe.
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Treasure those who subscribe on their own accord. They are the ones who will be more active than your normal viewers.

Remember that a sub is a number until you interacted with the person. One comment (likely all you will get from that person) isn't an interaction you wish to have.
Yeah sub4sub just results in a inflated subscriber count with little active viewers. Instead just convert the views into subscribers, so I would focus more on views and watch time and hopefully convert some of that into subscribers!