1. JanPlays_

    How to grow my channel?

    Hello everyone, I have a small channel (phaze) with 6 subs, I put a lot of tags in videos, i make 1080p videos, i bought access to the videos & channels part of the forum, i post my videos there every day but get only 5-10 views... so if anyone knows how to get more views and subscribers, please...
  2. DisStalker

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Hey, so first off sorry if this isn't the right place. Ok so I started my channel about 6 months ago, my uploads were all over the place but since September Iv'e been trying to do 1 video a day. The thing is I have 8 subscribers, which is great and I'm grateful for them, but I feel like I should...
  3. Derrick Toys

    What Do You Think??

    Looking for new ideas / tips to improve my kids channel. This is our latest video - would appreciate your helpful advice, thanks! What do you think about thumbnail, title, video length etc.?
  4. KreateTive

    Advice Would Be Awesome

    Hey, my name is Kimseng and I started my youtube channel about 2 months ago and I would really like to gain more subscribers and for more people to see my videos so if anyone has any tips or advice that would be amazing. :)
  5. Tuurngait Gaming

    In need of tips

    So I'm not usually one to script my videos, but for my gameplay videos of League of Legends I'm starting to just record and then voice over my videos. I'm not very good at writing my own scripts.. at least not at the moment since I'm not used to it. Any pointers?
  6. Derrick Toys

    How To Write Titles?!

    How did you develop a technique with video titles using keywords and having a nice flow? Some popular videos have very little words and others are stacked with keywords.
  7. DisStalker

    Editing Help

    So for me I struggle getting into editing my videos. I was wondering if there's any tips to either make editing easier or to make it more fun. Thanks
  8. Derrick Toys

    Thumbnail Challenge

    PicMonkey vs Photoshop. What do you use to get awesome thumbnails? Kids channels need bright eye catching thumbnails. Using PicMonkey now and I feel images are over saturated not as clear as I like. Any suggestions / tips how to get clear & colorful images? Photoshop was tricky to do...
  9. D

    Tips on choosing the right tags?

    Okay so i'm sure like many others out there, struggle finding the correct tags for my videos, for most of my videos I've sat there and pondered whether it's the best tags I can muster. With that being said, does anyone have any tips or guidelines to help come up with some good tags?
  10. D

    Where to post videos? Effective Keywords? Thanks.

    Hey guys, So I'm working on a sketch channel, I made videos a while ago then stopped for a while. But trying to get back into it. I never know where I can submit comedy videos to help get viewers. Also what is the most effective way with tagging videos. Does tagging videos really help with the...
  11. Danny G

    Tips on How to Show Your Personality on Video!?

    Hi everyone. I started a youtube channel recently and I am having trouble just being myself and showing my personality on camera. I thought that Youtube would come naturally to me because I would say I'm pretty charismatic in real life, but as soon as the camera turns on and I try to film myself...
  12. Becky Keegan

    Cyberlink PowerDirector 15 Tips?

    Hey guys :3 So I just got Cyberlink PowerDirector 15, and it looks absolutely amazing. However, I have no clue how to use it yet XD So I was wondering if those who use Cyberlink PowerDirector 15 could give me some general tips on how to use it, and the best things that I can get out of it. Like...
  13. SuperYazz

    Friendly Feedback Please! :D

    Hey! I'm a small YouTuber that goes by the name of SuperYazz ;) I'm really passionate about entertaining people and I really work hard on my channel. If some of you would be willing to spend a bit of time and watch a couple video and give me some feedback it would seriously mean the world...
  14. Danny G

    Speed your way to your first 100 SUBSCRIBERS!?

    Hi everyone, So I just started my youtube channel last week and uploaded my first video 3 days ago. The channel is going to be mainly comedy. I have been doing a lot of research on how to grow on youtube and how to gain your first 100 subscribers. I have heard that there is a snowball effect...
  15. piaiscool

    Please review my first ever story time video!

    hi lovelies! Thank you for taking the time to check this out. Really means a lot to me! This is my first story time video and I was having second thoughts about doing it because it might be very boring if I'm just going to be talking. Also, my english is a little bad that's why I had to add...
  16. Onlygamertom

    Im Looking for tips newbies can use for titles and tags

    Hi I'm Thomas and I'm wondering what tips people can give on titles and tags. So far from looking around for Titles I've seen: 1-use titles that have a hook and people will want to click on, 2-use titles that match exactly what your video is about and then others 3-saying make it as long as...
  17. E

    New Channels and What People Want

    To start this off, about a year ago I started my YouTube channel, which I use to upload music by underground / up-and-coming hip-hop artists. I recently learned some video editing basics for more professional looking artwork for uploads and upload much more frequently now (Am at around 70...
  18. kingofgaijin

    Advice on my channel!!

    I recently started this channel about my life in Japan and im wondering what i can do to improve in general. Not afraid of some criticism. My Channel: KingOfGaijin
  19. Brooks Rembert

    Requesting a Review and Advice for Our Channel

    Hi everyone. We started our channel a couple of months ago to capture our move to a new city and and trials of settling in. Subscriber growth is slow, but that's OK, because I actually enjoy the editing process and all that entails. I would like some constructive criticism on the channel look...
  20. LightMatter

    Authenticity! Is it really that important?

    Look alive, Sunshine! :bounce: My name is LightMatter and I'm here to answer an important question and to really get you guys thinking about your content! What is authenticity? Firstly, I would like to discuss the subject on what authenticity really is. I mean, we all have heard about this...
  21. javacentral

    SEO tips and ideas

    So I've been looking and looking and been trying to figure out what are the best things to do for your search engine optimization (SEO). A few things I know, tubebuddy is fantastic for tags and tag rankings (though I haven't fully figured it out yet), putting a well made and lengthy description...
  22. The Black Mastadonte

    Quick review for my video

    Hey guys. So I know I asked for this for a similar video, but this time, I took your advice in account when I edited this. Tell me what you guys think about the editing and what you guys think about this type of let's play. Is it funny? Entertaining? Does the series seem interesting enough to...
  23. DisStalker


    Hey, I was wondering if anyone could give tips on how to grow your channel. Like how to get views or at least how people could find your channel. I know it takes a while to get a lot of views or subscribers, but I'd like to learn how to get at least 5 views or something. I hope this thread is...
  24. Rando

    I could use some pointers..

    So, I officially started my channel about three months ago.. Progress is slow, but it's there. I know that there's tons of stuff I could do better, I'm just not sure where to start. I work full time, so I don't always have the time to focus on my channel.. but I'm always trying to figure out how...
  25. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I would like some criticism for my new video that i posted. I don't like it too much. Any types of tips will be helpful. Thanks!!!!
  26. adams eats

    What it's been like in my first 2 months

    OK, normally these kind of threads are reserved for big milestones like a year or two, or reaching a certain amount of views or subscribers, but being a massive noob at this youtube I thought i'd give some insight into what it's been like for me, so hopefully some of you may take a bit of...
  27. East To West Vlogs

    How Do I Get My First 50 Subs? HELP!

    Hey guys! So I recently started my vlogging channel with my brother (East to West Vlogs), where we just show our daily lives, and usually show the comparisons between where we live now and our origins. I wanted to have a motivational and inspirational approach to it as well as a funny one, just...
  28. Its Ryan


    Hey guys quick question. i would love it if you guys can tell me how to gain more exposure for my youtube channel. Any strats? Social media? What collabs should i do? Any suggestions help! THANKS!!!
  29. SuperYazz

    Help me out please and review/feedback ;)

    Hey! I'm SuperYazz, I do gaming funtages with friends, commentaries and random games here and there. I have about 8 or 9 uploads so as you can see, I'm just starting off. Please take your time to review my channel and give me some feedback :D please don't be so harsh with how you give me...