I've Got It
Hey, I was wondering if anyone could give tips on how to grow your channel. Like how to get views or at least how people could find your channel. I know it takes a while to get a lot of views or subscribers, but I'd like to learn how to get at least 5 views or something. I hope this thread is clear and thanks for any reply, I would like only real tips not joke tips. Thanks
believe in yourself
do what can be interested in peoples
promote your channel (social networks)
and of course read this forum
here you can find a lot of useful information
not joke tips;) absolutely
You will find a lot of tips in this forum, and as said, promote yourself in social media, and go on channels similar to yours and make comments related to the video!
Make consistent content. Spend 5x the amount of time you used making the content to promote it everywhere. Engage with the viewers and persist above all.