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Apr 3, 2016
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hey dude! the first problem I see is that your channel introduction is way too long. 15 minutes is too long for the introduction. You could try making a shorter 30 seconds to 1 minute and 30 second channel trailer. Like through all the years I was on YouTube and all my other channels, I learned that in the beginning shorter videos tend to be more well liked. And for you the video had small studders (nothing wrong when beginning) but to have in a 15 minute intro video is kinda eh and could turn off the viewers attention. Also it shows no thumbnail art which most of the time people won't click it. Throughout the video there were sudden pauses and it was hard to keep attention. I felt like your about section was more of the intro than your video. Try making a video based on that About Section? I really do not want to sound harsh at all but I really want to help others. Your profile pic and channel art is good for a beginner. Now if you want to improve, I could say that you could have consistency on upload schedules, have custom thumbnails, be a bit more enthusiastic and have videos that are either short and to the point or long and entertaining. I hope you continue to work on your channel and luck on the channel meng! :]