I've Got It
hey i'm new to this forums and to youtube as well but i would like to start off by saying my name is Xanderin and i started making video's about 2 weeks ago i've been having so much fun making video's and im starting on a new intro i'm just looking for advice on how to improve my channel and what you think of it i reply to all comments made of here or on my video's all help would by much appreciated thanks for your time Xanderin =)
Hey! Welcome! We have been at it for a little while now it can be tough. Small channels really need to support and help each other out. If you need help or advice or anything feel free to message me here or on youtube. We are still learning too but hey welcome!!! :D
Hey Thanks for all the reply's it's nice to see so many nice people =) i will have a look into that signature thing you mentioned and if you were wanting to check it out my name on my youtube is Xanderin i dont think there is anyone else called that