I've Got It
On our channel we do skits, challenges, vlogs and many different things but sometimes videos don't get too many views. It seems that when we make videos about what is hot at the time (a nitch) it increases our views tremendously. I definitely reccoment smaller youtubers out there like our channel to make what videos based off what is hot but add your own twist to it. Still be original. We try to do that and it seems to work pretty well!:)
Great tip...although I wouldn't call it finding a niche, but rather following a trend and adding your own twist to it.
I would say finding a niche is easy it could be from gaming to exploring. It really depends on you as a person and what you enjoy/ like doing and producing as a creator.
Do you mean "niche"? That implies that you do not follow the usual highly popular categories like gaming or vlogs.

So you would go for something like, Magic Card Tricks or Restaurants In Seattle Washington. Something that gives you a foot hold in that very specific category. You can find out more about niches at the black hat world forums. Usually people create multiple niche YT channels and see which ones work.