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  1. Joc Promise

    How can I grow my youtube channel

    Hello, I need everyone's help here, I do want to get subscribers and grow my channel very fast, but I don't know how I can do it, please if you have anyway out to helpe please let me know, thank you very much.
  2. Boris Qs

    5 Practical Ways to Promote Your YouTube Videos for Free

    In fact, the vast majority of YouTube videos tend to have only a handful of views. This is why as a YouTuber, you need to figure out Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel. With the advancement in technology, it is easier than never creating high quality videos using smartphones and uploading...
  3. ScienceOfSuccess

    How to make Viral Video, based on Contagious by Jonah Berger

    I'm sorry if the title is a clickbait, but it's not a click bait, just a great book. Jonah is a Marketing professor, and he used 6months research to find factors that make things go viral. he found the 6 factors that make people share: 1. Social Currency - You seems better by sharing it. This...
  4. PJ Morrison

    Vlog Calling ALL Collaborators!

    Hey guys, I'm a fairly new YouTuber that's still trying to get into the swing of things (Started January 2017,129 subs, 31 vids). As every other YouTuber, I'm looking to increase the amount of people that see my videos and maybe gain a few subscribers on the way. I mainly try to stay along the...
  5. UKHypnotist

    Auto-Generated Topic Channels For Better Traffic

    How many of you know that if a video topic is widely enough seen in "quality content" (definition of quality unknown in this instance) on YouTube, the system has an algorithm which will generate a channel for the topic? And if you are creating videos which match such a topic channel, the...
  6. Elysia

    It takes more than JUST posting a video

    Ok guys! I see a LOT of you saying "people keep telling me to post regular content and viewers will eventually find what you are doing.".... I cant stress enough how untrue that is. Although posting regular content is a big part of seeing success on YT its also only your first step. Once your...
  7. RankdTV

    My videos have 4 times the amount of views than I have subscribers? Why?

    Hello, So I guess this is a good issue but a good amount of my videos have 4 times the amount of views than I have subscribers. This could be my chance to convert these viewers into subscribers but I'm not sure how. Has anyone been in this position before? If so, what strategies worked for...
  8. Aida Wangeci Karabu

    How can I get more views on my channel and break out of my bubble?

    Hey, normally I post a video and I let a few of the girls in years 10 and 11 that I posted the video since its supposed to help people revise of GCSE exams - but how do I break out of this bubble so that people who aren't in my school watch the videos as well? In other words, how do I widen...
  9. Ewan Wilson

    Getting the views needed?!?!

    Hey guys, I am a new YouTuber but there is one thing I know.. how to get the right amount of views. You add your tags/keywords. It's simple search some keywords into the YouTube search bar and what pops down below is what is a large search volume and it is what people search... and this will...
  10. TheMix

    Finding a Nitch?

    On our channel we do skits, challenges, vlogs and many different things but sometimes videos don't get too many views. It seems that when we make videos about what is hot at the time (a nitch) it increases our views tremendously. I definitely reccoment smaller youtubers out there like our...
  11. RonnocX

    Why did my newest video do better than any of my others?

    Hi everyone! So my channel is still relatively new (about a month old), and I've been doing primarily gaming content (which I know is hard to get viewers with nowadays but still) and the other day I decided to upload a Yugioh video (virtual Yugioh essentially)... And within 3 days it's gotten...
  12. San Antonio YouTubers

    New YouTube Program is Not Open to United States

    YouTube has a new program called the YouTube for Help Heroes program. The web page states that the program is "open to just about anybody who wants to share their know-how with other YouTube users". So why have no United States YouTube channels been accepted into the program? The program is...
  13. SeanFace101

    Which is best to write tags / keywords?

    Which of the following ways is best to add the tags in for my videos? for example, someone's name? .. "Sean" "Michael" "Quinn" or like this "Sean Michael Quinn" ?
  14. PsySpy Gaming

    Getting views.. but from where?

    Alright, this isn't me complaining but I'm actually curious and trying to figure out what is going on with one of my videos. I'm getting a decent amount of views one one of my more recent videos, but the thing is it's one of the few that I didn't advertise at all (except on twitter, which...
  15. SeanFace101

    Does Having Alot of Likes Help?

    Does having a lot of likes on your YouTube videos help them in anyway get more views? and same question about Dislikes, do they have any bad effect on the video?
  16. ApexTV

    How to Get More Views Using Google Plus

    When it comes to YouTube video marketing, Google Plus is one of, if not the best, marketing tool. If you want to get some viewers to your video, share it on Google Plus. I'm not talking about simply pasting the video link and hitting the share button, but rather joining what are called...
  17. Travi5

    Heartbeat | Google Chrome App for YouTube

    If you have not already heard of this app for the chrome browser I'd highly recommend giving it a go. It is a really cool addition allowing a few new features to be accessible on YouTube, My Favorite being able to see Tags used on any video which could help with Search listings SEO ect to help...
  18. GooberVlogs

    Does Living In A Popular City Mean More Views???

    Wazzzup Yttalkers =) I was watching a video about how pewdiepie conquered youtube and at the moment he has about 40 million subscribers and the video shows that pewdiepie moved a lot and so I was wondering do you guys think living in a popular city like LA or new york city has a advantage on...