5 Practical Ways to Promote Your YouTube Videos for Free

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Aug 3, 2016
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In fact, the vast majority of YouTube videos tend to have only a handful of views. This is why as a YouTuber, you need to figure out Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel.

With the advancement in technology, it is easier than never creating high quality videos using smartphones and uploading them quickly to YouTube.

However, with over 300 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every single minute, you are not guaranteed that someone is going to watch them.

There is nothing painful like creating high quality videos, uploading them, but afterwards not seeing results.

But when you learn how to promote YouTube videos the right way, you can get the kind of traffic that seems reserved only for top youtubers

Use these 5 proven ways to promote YouTube videos. Drive unbelievable traffic to your channel.

[YouTube SEO] How to Rank Videos with a Small Channel

Here are the three things youtube needs from you as a creator to rank your videos high on their search results

  • - They want you to first optimize your videos so youtube will know where to rank the video so that viewers will easily find it
  • - They want your videos to be engaging so as to keep viewers on their platform for as long as possible
  • - What you do after the first 24 hrs also count when it comes to ranking your videos for more views

In this video we will be looking at the first critical thing youtube needs to help rank your videos on their search result, basically researching keywords that people will use when searching for your video.

How To Promote Clickbank Products on Quora

Have you considered using Quora as a way of generating free traffic to your clickbank products

Maybe you have answered a few questions here and there in your spare time to generate traffic

In this video I am going to start of with Why you Should Care About Quora, and then move on to how to craft your profile on quora so that it screams out Authority and finally we will quickly look at How to find clickbank products to promote on Quora.

How To Promote Clickbank Products on Quora

This video is the second part of a video series on promoting clickbank products on Quora and In the first video in this series I shared with you
  • - Why you Should Care About Quora,
  • - how to craft a profile on quora that screams out Authority and
  • - How to find clickbank products to promote on Quora

Now in this video I will be sharing with you some Tips on how to find and Answer Quora Questions that will get you views, click throughs and subsequently buy the clickbank product you are promoting

Assuming that you have already watched the first part in this video series you probably already have your profil all set up and you know the clickbank product you will be promoting

It's time to start answering some questions related to your clickbank product.

But how do you find questions to answer on quora and most importantly how do you find questions that many people are looking for....Make sure to watch the whole video.

How to Get more Views on YouTube with Pinterest

When you think of Pinterest, do you think of videos? Videos started appearing on Pinterest as promoted pins and as pins from Youtube.

But there are many more ways to use Pinterest to post and promote your youtube videos.

Google is the most used search engine in the world, followed by Youtube as the second largest search engine, which Google owns.

Pinterest is also as powerful for discovering content online, with over 600 million visual searches every month.

So It makes sense to promote your content on Pinterest as another avenue of content discovery.

There are three different methods for promoting youtube videos on Pinterest. I'm going to share them with you, as well as the pros and cons of the different methods so you can choose which one works best for you.

In this video I am going to show you how to promote your videos on pinterest to get more views to your channel

How to Promote YouTube videos on Facebook

We have all head about the bad blot that is going on between youtube and facebook when it comes to promoting each other

As a result of that bad bot youtube creators have to jump hopes before they get views to their videos from facebook

In this video I will be showing two way to promote your videos on facebook as a small or niche channel to get more views

How to Get More Views to Your Small Youtube Channel [Medium Hack]

Medium is a platform for content creators looking for new ways to promote or expose their brand

Because of the high domain authority that this website has, You can easily rank your medium post in almost any niche.

In this video I will be showing you how to promote your youtube videos for more views using the medium website.

of course medium is not the only platform to get more views to your youtube videos you can check out a complete video playlist by clicking the link below