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i would like some feedback from anyone whos reading this, i already know my vid quality kinda sucks BUT what else could i improve, what do yall think? what are some tips and tricks yall used to gain more traffic to your channel?
Fix your link darling! If you go to settings > section where you add your yt URL, if you have your own direct address, don't check the boxes

Will come back to leave an update! :wub:
I am supposed to be starting some uni work, so naturally, its time to spend way too much time doing something else :)

(I followed that link in grey in the signature)

Talent wise, I quite enjoyed the presentation. And you did a really nice job on your brows. You talk nicely and the audio is pretty decent. If I was the kind guy who did my eyebrows I probably would subscribe.

I don't think you have any problems that are not fixable.

You seem to be aware of the rule of thirds, since you are framed nicely in the left third, and you look lit pretty well. You can always use more light, cameras seem to get a better image that way. But, the background is a bit poor tho. Because its so plain you have a lot of dead space in the frame. You could work on lining up that chair nicely and find something more interesting to put behind you. Darrius brit talks about that in one of his videos

at 5:25, he talks about white walls, which I think applies to you.

Saying that I think the fabric has a nice quality. You might find a nice symmetrical shot works with you sitting plumb centre on a chair that is lined up nice and straight with the camera. If you can get those wrinkles out that is. Just a thought. Put yourself in more of the frame because that's what your viewers are going to be looking for.

Checkout DSLRguide https://www.youtube.com/user/DSLRguide, he does a lot of interesting things with lighting that you might find helpful. And, he tends to favour smaller budget.

I have been watching a lot of short filmmakers recently and I am beginning to get inspired about revamping my own channel - since these guys spend a lot more time thinking about cinematography than the average YouTuber I find that they often have a lot of advice.

Personally, I might think about losing that fabric and maybe shooting into the room from the corner or wall, rather than shooting into the wall or corner from the room (which is what it might look like you are doing, but I don't know how little space is you have.) That might look like this:

This adds a lot of depth to the shot, which I hear is always good, and out of focus Christmas lights seem to be rather popular.

Otherwise, you could try out D4Darious's technique with the magazine covers, like:

Basically, it's just about adding visual interest to your shot. In both instances I have tried to make the background darker than you, or at least not brighter. I always like that better, but that might be more personal preference than anything else. When you watch movies though, quite often what the director wants you to look at is lit and in focus and I think that applies to youtubing too.

Depending on what you want to spend, one of those circular lights that go around the camera might work really well for you, it'll make your eyes pop with light and it's pretty flattering too. Again, D4Darius uses one in the magazine shot.

What are you filming on? What sort of equipment have you got?

When it comes to spending money on youtubing DSLRGuide has some great advice in this video:

Hope this helps.

EDIT: Oh, I really like the intro animation.
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