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  1. CerenGung

    why my last four videos were never watched while each of my videos got thousands of views

    Hi, first of all, I'm new here, so I m sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place. My youtube channel is new and I have 78 videos, all of them have thousands views, but my last four videos have never been watched, although they are similar to the others and I used popular music and the same...
  2. Kenz0

    I Need Advice

    Hey everyone my name is Kenz0 and ive been doing YouTube for years posting here and there but never on a Consistent upload schedule until now ive deleted all my videos many times to follow the branding a want to go with so all my videos match the same kind of theme/branding and no mix matching...
  3. Kenz0

    I Need Your Help With Insight With Gaming Youtube Videos Today And How To Keep The Viewers coming

    Hey everyone my name is Kenz0 and ive been doing YouTube for years posting here and there but never on a Consistent upload schedule until now ive deleted all my videos many times to follow the branding a want to go with so all my videos match the same kind of theme/branding and no mix...
  4. xxkittylee

    New youtuber from maryland. Anyone want to collaborate in Maryland??

    Hello I'm Kitty, I just started a new youtube channel. I posted a few art videos and one vlog video. Youtube channel is xxkittylee . Not sure where I want to take this page but definitely want to collaborate with some people. Help me get started. Wondering if anyone in Maryland wants to...
  5. fartoons

    I've Had a YouTube Channel Since 2005...

    Hi, I started a YouTube channel in 2005 (if my memory is correct). I have gone through a lot since then. Back in 2007 my channel was removed and I can't even remember why. So from 2007-2019 I had a little over a million views and around only 1,200 subscribers. Then I removed all of my videos...
  6. thisismaw

    How Long Before YouTube SEO kicks In?

    As the same as the title, I am curious how long before the SEO in YouTube kicks in, I'm quite new. Thank you :)
  7. F

    Should I change my name or start a new channel?

    My channel has a little over 60,000 subscribers, but because me and my friends joke around a lot, they have leaked my identity at school, so teachers, staff, and random kids I don’t even know, know who I am. At home, my dad, mom, both sisters, uncle, and all of their friends also know who I am...
  8. kenziecantdraw

    How to Stay Motivated When Subs Are Dropping

    I started building my channel in Fall of 2018. By December I had over 700 subscribers. Unfortunately, due to a mental health issue, I had to take a break from YouTube and was inactive for 6 months. During that time I lost a couple subs, but mostly gained. I was even invited to become a...
  9. GlobalDayz

    Stock Footage considered "Reused Content" ?

    My channel was recently demonetized due to reused content as many other channels were as well to kick off 2019.. YT did not specify exactly what they considered on the channel to be reused so I deleted almost everything. Simply put I wanna resume creating videos but not for free.. I'm trying to...
  10. SassyGirlsToys

    What would make this video better?

    For cuts into the next scene should I add more transition effects? Is the music too loud? Any suggestions to make this video better? Should I only do thumbnails with both kids in it?
  11. Stoner Gamer

    Getting used to speaking to a camera

    How has it been for everyone trying to talk to a camera for the first time. I find it a bit weird at the moment, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. What helps you?
  12. W

    Serious Question

    I know that most you, due to being in this community, will say yes to this question. However, I feel it necessary to ask it, not only for my own benefit but also to have a broader discussion on YouTube. The question is this: Is being a YouTuber worth it, and should someone who is focused on...
  13. W

    What are some good tips and strategies for a new vlogger?

    I just started my vlogging channel and would like some help on how to create a brand around it. How to create story within the Vlog? How to make engaging content that viewers want to watch and how to engage with the viewers? Any and all tips and strategies to help me reach an audience and help...
  14. Big Home Toys Review

    Is making a personal Blog a good strategy?

    i have been ready a lot of ways to make my work more creditable. I don’t know if righting a personal blog with great tips and reviews is worth it? What do you think? Please share personal experiences and advice. Thank you for your time, -Big Home Toys Review
  15. Paranoia_Origins

    Why am I'm getting copyrights alerts on my videos?

    Why am I'm getting copyrights alerts on my videos, like for example my monster hunter video, i got a copyright alert and it said from the time in the video the copyright thing happen was during a cutscene (in the game it was nothing i added or could change) so pretty much i don't know what to...
  16. Paranoia_Origins

    Any Advice on Scheduling for Publishing Content?

    I wanted and tried to get feed back on scheduling a video for publishing ahead of time as to just uploading and publishing immediately. Does it effect its performance in any way? if so how? please be as informative a you guys can please. I'm central standard time so if you guys need that to...
  17. K.piddy

    Need some Feedback

    i would like some feedback from anyone whos reading this, i already know my vid quality kinda sucks BUT what else could i improve, what do yall think? what are some tips and tricks yall used to gain more traffic to your channel?
  18. K.piddy

    Needing some inspiration

    Recently, ive been going through some daily life struggles and im trying to balance everything on my plate. I sometimes slip up and end up not posting on my channel for a week or two and i know i need to be MORE consistent since im just starting my channel, but ive come to the realization its...
  19. lifestylencurls


    Ok I really don't know what Im doing wrong, I know I don't have a lot of video's up but I just don't understand why it's so hard to get views. Without sharing my video's on google plus the most i get is 2 views with sharing on google plus is 40 and im suck at 47 subscriber and no comments. Can...
  20. Kuyoyo


    Hows everyone? doing good of course? Well, I have new Opinion about Problem on Youtube. "BIG GETTING BIGGER" Thats happen now on youtube, BIG YOUTUBER getting BIGGER, but the small dont grow as much as big youtuber does. The content? it is not about the content, Small youtube can also doing...
  21. sequan123

    Overall Tool that help

    What is the overall tool that helps you be succesful on youtube.
  22. sequan123

    Do tags really matter?

    so I was just uploading a video and I was really thinking does tags really help you rank high or make your videos appears on people recommended page.
  23. Festive

    Advice For Vlogging Confidence?

    Hi there. I really enjoy watching vlogs on YouTube and feel like it'd be fun to do it myself and to just have a place where I feel like I could share pieces of my life with other people, but I have a few things I'm just uncomfortable with. I've been bullied in the past and really don't feel good...
  24. Amber lynx

    Loose some/ gaine some

    just wondering if Fluctuation with subscribers is normal as a small channel? I recently declared this as passion and dream job. I was getting wrapped up in loosing subs not understanding if I did something wrong or if it's from my sub for sub days just coming back to collect.
  25. LifeWithKristen

    Questions for an advice video!

    Hey everyone, Last night I came up with an idea of starting an advice series on my channel & for the first video I would like it to be about friendships and relationships. If you have any questions or you would like some advice about friends and relationships, please leave them below as I...
  26. L

    Outdoor video ideas

    so I just created my channel and I am about to start making an archive of videos so that I can post regularly even with my full time (plus some) work schedule. I have ideas for regular fishing and hunting videos, but I also want to do some videos with my Jeep and do some hiking and camping...
  27. W

    Favorite type of videos?

    whats your favorite type of content on YouTube and what videos do you watch most?
  28. _ilijakostic_

    How to grow subs and views.

    Hey guys, I am doing youtube for 2 months now and I have grown pretty fast I think. However right now I dont get new subscribers and new views. Can you help me out I really need some help. Thank you
  29. Rae Talks

    Which Channel Should I Upload to?

    Hey everyone! So I've made random videos on my main channel for over two years, and I have a couple hundred subs. However, a lot of my subs came from a couple of kpop reaction videos that I did years ago that went somewhat viral. Because of that, only about 1% of my subs actually watch and...
  30. Rolz

    Lighting for videos?

    Hi guys whatsup! Hope you are all well. Just a quick question(mod feel free to move this if its in the wrong place): When shooting your actual videos (not recording gameplays) how do you get the lighting right? Do you just record in the morning when it's bright or do you situate some of those...