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Recently, ive been going through some daily life struggles and im trying to balance everything on my plate. I sometimes slip up and end up not posting on my channel for a week or two and i know i need to be MORE consistent since im just starting my channel, but ive come to the realization its HARD. I want to gain more views and subs for my channel BUT i dont know what my audience wants to see from me, therefore ive ran into a mind stump of what i should post. My channel is supposed to be about Mom life stuff, beauty tips and reviews, but i feel like thats not ME, i wanna talk about my funny life stories/ things that have shaped me to be who i am today but i feel like no one will gravitate to them because my channel is still small. if anyone has any helpful advice for my situation im all ears.
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Definitely do what makes you happy. Sounds like you want to make a "story time" channel. That's great! Perhaps give some fun visuals with animations or still pictures or drawings to accompany it, make interesting thumbnails, and be interesting. Given time, people will find you