advice for my youtube channel

  1. Kenz0

    I Need Advice On My Channel

    Hey everyone my name is Kenz0 and ive been doing YouTube for years posting here and there but never on a Consistent upload schedule until now ive deleted all my videos many times to follow the branding a want to go with so all my videos match the same kind of theme/branding and no mix matching...
  2. Kenz0

    I Need Advice

    Hey everyone my name is Kenz0 and ive been doing YouTube for years posting here and there but never on a Consistent upload schedule until now ive deleted all my videos many times to follow the branding a want to go with so all my videos match the same kind of theme/branding and no mix matching...
  3. F

    Should I change my name or start a new channel?

    My channel has a little over 60,000 subscribers, but because me and my friends joke around a lot, they have leaked my identity at school, so teachers, staff, and random kids I don’t even know, know who I am. At home, my dad, mom, both sisters, uncle, and all of their friends also know who I am...
  4. BeardyVlogs

    I need your help! Loss of will to record after a long day at work

    YO! so straight to the point. Does anyone have any advice on fighting through the urge to just chill out after a long day? Let me paint the scene for ya really quick. -Wake at 4am, go gym then straight to work after, finish work around 6pm, get home around 7pm. In bed by around 9/10. So...
  5. KodalenPartyof2

    Reaching a Target Audience

    Happy New Year everyone! Like many of you have probably done, I set some resolutions (goals) for 2019 and one major one is trying to improve my YouTube channel. I am in the US Air Force and started the channel to capture the adventures of moving and living overseas (England). I love putting...
  6. Rad


    My channel is new and the link is on my profile to my new video, I just want to know what could I improve?
  7. Paranoia_Origins

    Vote On Games "YOU" All Would Like to See Me Live Stream/Record/Edit/Upload Onto My YouTube Channel

    This is all the games i currently have to play on my PS4 now with that said i will live stream/upload games to my channel from the most wanted to the least. So I really thank everyone taking part in this poll it will really help me grown an audience for my youtube gaming channel now you can ask...
  8. Paranoia_Origins

    FULL YouTube Channel Feedback, How to Promote Better, Etc..

    Hey guys Kuji here of the "The House of Wolves Gaming"; and I'm here to seek serious help with growing my youtube channel. Due to the fact that I have 1,000+ subscribers and bearly any views on any of my videos shows that I'm a lot wrong here. List below what "I" think I'm doing wrong: List of...
  9. Niyahs Funworld

    Need advice on creating good content! What is everyone using for video editing?

    Below is a kids educational video I did with my daughter. I just want advice on making better videos so that we can gain more subscribers. Any advice on editing and any advice on the things Im doing wrong?
  10. P

    Where to search for a local YouTube-crew?

    Remember those old Smosh videos from 2010/2013-ish? I want to make videos like that. I want to make comedy sketches like that. The point is that I live in The Netherlands with an English YouTube channel. The only friends I have are people who are either too busy to help or they live too far...
  11. Paranoia_Origins

    Any Advice on Scheduling for Publishing Content?

    I wanted and tried to get feed back on scheduling a video for publishing ahead of time as to just uploading and publishing immediately. Does it effect its performance in any way? if so how? please be as informative a you guys can please. I'm central standard time so if you guys need that to...
  12. K.piddy

    Need some Feedback

    i would like some feedback from anyone whos reading this, i already know my vid quality kinda sucks BUT what else could i improve, what do yall think? what are some tips and tricks yall used to gain more traffic to your channel?
  13. K.piddy

    Needing some inspiration

    Recently, ive been going through some daily life struggles and im trying to balance everything on my plate. I sometimes slip up and end up not posting on my channel for a week or two and i know i need to be MORE consistent since im just starting my channel, but ive come to the realization its...
  14. S

    YouTube advice

    hello, I’m just asking what advice would you give me? I’ve hit a brick wall let’s say. I want to keep uploading but feel pointless, I’m getting between 10-40 views per video I’ve got 144 subscribers and got a partnership with Curse. I only YouTube for fun and I enjoy gaming. I do videos to help...
  15. The Cherrii Family

    Facebook ads and ad words haven't been it just me?

    Hey, you guys I have recently been investing money in adwords and facebook ads.. like a lot. I've been getting a lot of views on the ads and Youtube videos but NO Subs whatsoever! When I pause or cancel the ad words ad my video does not get anymore views whatsoever. Should I stop wasting my...
  16. lifestylencurls


    Ok I really don't know what Im doing wrong, I know I don't have a lot of video's up but I just don't understand why it's so hard to get views. Without sharing my video's on google plus the most i get is 2 views with sharing on google plus is 40 and im suck at 47 subscriber and no comments. Can...
  17. Darren Taylor

    Anybody got a growing educational / tutorial channel?

    Hi there, I would love to hear from somebody who has a growing educational / "how to" channel. My channel is all about marketing tips and I would love to connect with somebody running a channel that educates their audience too. (in any subject really) I am a newbie on week 8 of my YouTube...
  18. Kdon360

    Dead By Daylight Michael Myers Gamplay - EP04 - The Noob Adventures begin

    I'm pretty new to youtube, I'm working to improve my videos at the moment, I have some friends who promote for me but I don't get feed back so any I can get will be helpful.
  19. Leonel The Lion

    Any Overall Channel advice or opinion

    Can someone please help me by checking out my channel and telling me if its good or bad. I have asked many people and all they say is i do not know. Thanks for all of your guys opinions and tell me if i should do better editing more angles and thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!! Leonel The Lion
  20. sequan123

    Do tags really matter?

    so I was just uploading a video and I was really thinking does tags really help you rank high or make your videos appears on people recommended page.
  21. Ken__STACKS

    Umm I want,to change my channel name

    Guys as said in the title i want to channel name from my current to my username but is it too late or it's probably better (that includes changing my channel banner and other stuff) im conflicted please help!!!
  22. W

    Favorite type of videos?

    whats your favorite type of content on YouTube and what videos do you watch most?
  23. FlipFlops

    I Really Need Advice From You.. (5 Months in Youtube, 60 Videos)

    Hello broh... I really need a lot of advice from you... I joined youtube 5 Months ago and uploading my videos... but i don't think it went well... i only hit 56 subs, and look like it stuck... please don't consider me as complaining.. because actualy deep down in my heart i feel really glad for...