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Happy New Year everyone!

Like many of you have probably done, I set some resolutions (goals) for 2019 and one major one is trying to improve my YouTube channel. I am in the US Air Force and started the channel to capture the adventures of moving and living overseas (England). I love putting together stories and everything involved with creating an episode and starting a channel of my own has been something I always wanted to do.

Now that I have one set up, I’m struggling to find ways to get my content to viewers who may be interested in watching. I use Facebook and Instagram to advertise to family and friends but I’ve started to look to forums such as this one to expand my viewers. Aside from additional subscribers, I’m really interested in finding people that can give me constructive criticism and feedback to make my channel better. It’s great hearing from my Mom how much she enjoys watching my videos, but what I really need are viewers who can tell me what to do differently or better.

If you are at all interested in swapping ideas or exchanging feedback please let me know. I really enjoy sharing ideas for videos with people who are passionate about YouTube. Thanks for your time - looking forward to meeting fellow YouTubers!


You really want to find a very specific group of people that fit your target audience. For example "People interested in overseas military lifestyle." You can post your content on Reddit, Facebook groups, Guest post on blogs for expats.

1. Value. Instead of doing random videos of your experiences. Try to understand your audience better and what content would be helpful or useful for them. For example "What it's like for an American living in England"
2. Structure your titles around value. For example "American goes to Germany" or "5 ways Germany surprised me" would be better than just "20 days in germany" ask yourself does anyone care about the title you posted? Why should they. Driving stick would be one of the ways germany "suprised" you.
3. Use music. There's a lack of music in your videos which makes them a bit dull.
4. Use story telling. How does your identity as an American brand your experiences in these places and connect back with your audience.

All the best Kyle