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  1. V

    Who wants a channel and plenty of quality content for free? Offer of cooperation.

    We are looking for a partner (person or team) to whom this channel could be given at full disposal in order to fill, develop and make a profit in the future - It is an English copy of this Ukrainian channel (43K subs) -...
  2. Dutchie Abroad

    Dolphin watching in the Bay of Islands NZ!

    Absolutely stunning part of New Zealand; The bay of Islands. Located in the north of the North Island, this place has a ton of historical importance, but also amazing scenery and wildlife!
  3. KodalenPartyof2

    Vlog Looking for YouTubers in UK

    Hey everyone, I just moved to Lakenheath and I’m looking to find YouTubers to work on new content with. I’m trying to get out and explore the area and I thought it would be fun to do with others who love to create videos. Plus, you don’t seem so strange talking to a camera in public if you are...
  4. KodalenPartyof2

    Reaching a Target Audience

    Happy New Year everyone! Like many of you have probably done, I set some resolutions (goals) for 2019 and one major one is trying to improve my YouTube channel. I am in the US Air Force and started the channel to capture the adventures of moving and living overseas (England). I love putting...
  5. K

    Hit 100 subs and 6k watch minutes

    Really excited about this and I love watching my channel grow! Im basically making how to's on photo editing and videography as well as doing travel vlogs when I get the chance to travel.
  6. Marinate

    Why London is the BEST city in the world! Would appreciate if you lot dropped a like and subscribed!

    put a ton of work into this one.
  7. Marinate

    Was able to checkout Aretha Franklin's memorial service!

  8. Safwan Foy

    Facing my fears.

  9. theResidentPsychopath

    Vlog Any vlogs in Maine?

    I am looking for vloggers in the State of Maine to subscribe to. I intend to move out that way from Illinois within the next 4 years, and I can't find enough content on YouTube in Maine. Sure there's content, but not a lot. It definitely has a void to be filled.
  10. Brittneytaylorwg

    Help me!! Tips for filming a travel vlog/travel diary??

    So I’ll be leaving for my trip in about 7 hours or less and I’ve never travelled before so I wanted to film a travel diary or something for my channel since I’m going to the hot springs. I was wondering if someone had any tips for filming a travel diary or even a travel vlog??? I do enjoy...
  11. Nick Effendi

    100 Subs! Exciting Start!!

    Hi All, Recently I went to Japan to do more of my Japan Vlog Series.. Back in Sydney now editing the vlogs with a new trailer out and.. I finally hit 100 subs which may seem small to some but to me was something i was aiming for! Yay!! So very blessed to have people supporting my Travel and...
  12. Necrovarius

    Travel Vlog Planning

    Hey everyone, So I have a channel that is mostly about gaming. However when I go on trips, I never really have a plan, so I take a few videos through out the trip and a ton of B-roll footage. Timelapses are my favorite. So my question is. How do you do travel vlogs, what planning goes into it...
  13. A

    Other Looking for a travel video YouTuber who wants to collab! (Oregon, Washington, PNW)

    Hey! I am looking for a travel video YouTuber like myself to collaborate with. I am from Oregon but can work with people in the Pacific Northwest. Check out my channel and leave a comment on one of my travel videos or reply to this!
  14. MikeSchimm

    Any Ideas for my Travel Vlog?

    I'm about to go on vacation to Florida very soon. Any ideas for camera tricks, or things to film, or anything else that could make my vlogs as awesome as being there?
  15. Dismal Bliss

    Toronto - Ripley's Aquarium & The Top of the CN Tower Skyscraper

    Join the BDRC at
  16. HereBeBarr


    I’ve been on Youtube pushing 11 months now (almost 4.3 K subs) and I’ve learned a ton. This forum has been a valuable asset and now it is time to give back. Here are the 11 Things I wish I knew before I started vlogging. 1) Leaving comments on other people’s videos is a great way to network...
  17. HereBeBarr

    Best advice for new vloggers (travel vloggers in particuluar!)

    I wanted to make this post, to give back to some of the newer vloggers on here as I have found this forum quite useful in learning about Youtube. I've been travel vlogging for 10 months now, and my channel has been performing very well in the last 2-3. I’ve tripled in views + subs. I think...
  18. GregRawinski

    My European road trip highlights - UK to Poland

  19. GregRawinski

    EVO TRIANGLE FAIL - my road trip to Wales

  20. Nikkinsaa97

    Check on travel vlog progress

    Hello, everyone!!!! I'm Nicole - and I've been doing travel videos for 4 months. the last 2 videos I made - Leeds and London I think are better, but could anyone give me honest feedback on the videos especially those last ones or just the latest one? I'll leave the link bellow Leeds- Thank...
  21. Blunt Brittany


    Check out our amazing vacation to the Eastern Caribbean on this exciting travel vlog!
  22. Blunt Brittany


    Check out my amazing 7 days on a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean!
  23. Blunt Brittany

    Weekly travel vlog?

    So I just traveled to the Caribbean for a week on a cruise and recorded a lot of great stuff for a travel vlog. Should I do a week travel vlog that has everything big from the week or should I post a couple separate vlogs? If I do the week long one my vlog will probably be around 15 minutes but...
  24. LIsnanto

    1000 subscribers in 3 months

    Happy New Year peeps My name is Lydia Isnanto. My YouTube channel is And instagram @lydiaisnanto I am a photography and film making enthusiast, love vlogging about camera gadget and travel. Honestly this milestone give me such a big encouragement to plan more travel in...
  25. rodgerswithad

    Has Anyone Done Daily Travel Vlogging?

    I'm about to go on a week long roadtrip and would like to do daily travel vlogs from the road. That brings up 2 things I haven't yet done: (1) Travel Vlogged, I'm used to being at/near home for gear (2) Daily vlogging, I usually upload twice a week. Does anyone have any tips, thoughts...
  26. neiro

    I'm going crazy. Music?

    Yes. Music. I've tried to find a good thread about this but didn't succeed. Where do people find the music they use? I've seen other channels do videos like mine and they use a lot of good music and I don't understand where/how they can use it without getting in trouble. I like to throw together...
  27. Franz Saint-Fleur

    Meet Up/Gathering Collab on Travel, Fitness, Dating

    Hi my name is Franz, About my channel: Traveling, Exercise, Finance, and dealing with the opposite Sex. Look for: Anyone in those fields listed above (and/or comedy) to collaborate with. Please contact me at Thank you.
  28. Jordan Pike


  29. Sarah&Fam


    Looking for some travelers to watch. It's a plus if they are living in a van or small rv. I already watch 'Steps to Wonder' Looking for more. =)
  30. Jordan Pike

    Yoga, Disc golf, NBA Championship, and Game of Thrones!!! Fun day. :)