Travel Vlog Planning


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Hey everyone,

So I have a channel that is mostly about gaming. However when I go on trips, I never really have a plan, so I take a few videos through out the trip and a ton of B-roll footage. Timelapses are my favorite.
So my question is. How do you do travel vlogs, what planning goes into it, and how do you like to piece in your content. Also, where do you get some nice traveler music, something modern and chill?
I just shoot some footage and compile it into a video, and might throw in a vlog here and there!
But then again, I don´t travel as much as I want to, But i´m saving up some money to do a huge trip, which will be in a couple of years, hopefully!
I made a few travel videos when I was in Cuba. I didn't have a plan. Just shot a lot o the resort, and things I thought were interning and when I got home, I just tried to organize is from start of trip to end. I even made a few videos of a day trip, and another resort we visited for lunch. The one we visited for lunch didn't have much footage but it has got 7k views on it. I am surprised as I had no plan for it. Next vacation im hoping to have a. 2nd camera and have more of a plan and do more of a vlog style/review of the trip
I love vlogging my trips even though I still need to learn on how to get more confidence when it comes to self vlogging in front of tonnes of people haha
I try not to film pointless chatter too much, i do a lot of scenery b-roll footage & I get my music from Epidemic Sound. Usually i dont have a solid plan in mind when it comes to vlogging my trips, however i will usually figure out before hand if i want it more cinematic or personal/chatty type. That way i can focus on one more than the other :)
Thanks everyone, Nikki, your mention of epidemic sound has helped me as well, I never know where to find music and sounds I will go there! Thanks again!
Try telling a story and turn your content into a vlog. You could also throw in some random tips like about As far as music goes, travel or gaming. Maybe how you stay gaming while you're traveling. I have been using Frequency and nocopyrightsounds. I found both of them on YouTube.