Help me!! Tips for filming a travel vlog/travel diary??


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So I’ll be leaving for my trip in about 7 hours or less and I’ve never travelled before so I wanted to film a travel diary or something for my channel since I’m going to the hot springs. I was wondering if someone had any tips for filming a travel diary or even a travel vlog??? I do enjoy talking in front of the camera so I might vlog, although it could end up just being a diary type video without talking since I am staying with mostly people I have no idea who they are and I will be anxious aha. Thank you for your help!!!
I think some talking in the videos would be nice. You don't have to talk much if you don't want to though. It could be videos where you have some fun shots that there isn't any talking mixed in with some talking a bit here and there. Or even if you do like an all day no talking then the end is you summing up what you did that day and what you liked kind of thing. It might be easier to get away from people to talk on camera at the end of the day when people want to wind down for the night.