editing help

  1. S

    Review request

    I was just wondering if I could get some feedback on my design for my channel and possibly get a bit of help with my editing as well. My channel is a mess and i need assistance.
  2. Chicken Tendies

    Editing Bits

    Hi everybody I was just wondering if anyone had some cool editing tips and ideas on how to spice up my youtube videos Thanks
  3. B

    I need editing/recording advice

    Hi, im new here and i need help. I just made my first video(i have 2 subscribers) after a long time of editing, but i still think it does not look great editing wise (and maybe the raw footage too) I edit in Hitfil4Express and record in Shadowplay. The video is a cs:go gaming montage, clips...
  4. G

    Someone teach me how to edit

    Hi I'm new to youtube and recording and editing videos if someone could help me make funny moment videos I would appreciate you a lot! add me on discord G1ZM0/Gigggle#8289
  5. Brittneytaylorwg

    Help me!! Tips for filming a travel vlog/travel diary??

    So I’ll be leaving for my trip in about 7 hours or less and I’ve never travelled before so I wanted to film a travel diary or something for my channel since I’m going to the hot springs. I was wondering if someone had any tips for filming a travel diary or even a travel vlog??? I do enjoy...
  6. VRONA

    Picking the Best Video Editing Software for You!

    In this thread I want to go over exactly how to get the right editing software for you. I want to do this after I noticed lot's of people fall into a trap of judging content by what editing software it was edited in. So first off, some background on what I use: When my channel first began 4...
  7. Julia and Claire

    Which screen recorder? Want to film reaction

    We want to film a reaction video where we have the video we are watching in the corner of the screen, and us watching that video live. We've heard Quicktime has a screen recorder, which we've tried, but it's extremely jerky. We've also tried a few other screen recorders that were pretty basic...