My channel is new and the link is on my profile to my new video, I just want to know what could I improve?
Nice video you got there. Not many issue I would see. Audio can be hear clearly, music not too loud and overlap your voice and good editing skills. However, about the giveaway you are doing. Are you sure it a good idea for people to participate in the giveaway is to subscribe your channel? There will be people that subscribe just for the sake of the giveaway and if they don't they will unsubscribe. Subscribers will come along the way as long as you keep producing quality content video.
I think audio is really the first thing that we can tackle. I have a hard time hearing throughout the Christmas giveaway and the latest video in Nov... our channel is new too so we totally understand the struggle you have. Let's all improve and get better in 2019!
Awesome video! I think the video is great, you may want to have the camera on something that stays still. Other than that, the audio and music is great. Just continue to post consistently and promote and you should be fine.