Which Channel Should I Upload to?

Rae Talks

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Hey everyone!

So I've made random videos on my main channel for over two years, and I have a couple hundred subs. However, a lot of my subs came from a couple of kpop reaction videos that I did years ago that went somewhat viral. Because of that, only about 1% of my subs actually watch and interact with my current videos, and my channel has been growing really slowly.

I started a second channel recently that has one consistent theme, but I since I'm starting from 0, I get very few views and subs so far. But it seems like the people who are subscribed actually watch the videos.

So even though I have way lower watch time and engagement on my main channel, should I keep making videos on that channel, or get a fresh start on the new channel and try to build it up?

I know that if your subs don't watch your videos, you have much lower channel authority and ranking in Google/Youtube, and thats the main thing that worries me. Because it's harder to grow in the long run...
Don't worry about that, I'd say just keep the integrity of each of your channels. If you post things like K-pop reaction videos on your second channel, what's the point in having two channels? If you were going to do that, I'd personally have just not made another one to begin with.

I'm sure you've already noticed by now, but even with slow growth you'll be growing exponentially. With your main channel growing at the same time, you could keep directing people to your other channel too so it won't be so bad. You can stick through it, just try to be patient~