I've Got It
is there anything that you dont like what youtubers do? me personally i dont like when youtubers tries to use you just for a sub rather than just taking the time and effort.
It is a turn-off when someone begs for subs literally their whole video. It literally destroys the whole purpose of their video. I understand asking for subs maybe once at the end, but I think it should be earned and people should sub without needing you to tell them to.
Can't stand when people are fake. Like over the top fake excitement, or in rage videos when its so scripted and such shtick. Instant x out and no sub.
Thats an interesting thought. I do it myself in some videos and I get plenty of likes and I feel I have earned my fair share of subs but maybe your right and the point should be more to earn it :)
clickbait. it's exactly the same as false advertising for me. most of the trending videos are clickbait too.
1) Clickbait
2) Poorly made, krappy videos
3) Those "how to" videos with without anyone speaking/explaining. Just lame music and a screen capture of whatever they are doing.
Some of those GTA V vidoes like "How to stop the train" that are around 10 min long. And then they guy/girl just starts talking about nonsense and perhaps around 6 min in he/her actually tries to stop it for around 20 sec and start talking again about nonsense.
Clickbait and people asking for sub for sub. 1. Clickbait is just annoying and I usually downvote it every time. I know they get plenty of views but most aren't that good of quality of views and are just spammy compared to what you're expecting. 2. Sub for sub gives you an artificial inflation of subs. Sure they look great but when you have 300 subs and 10 views on each video, you gotta realize that something is definitely wrong
people that do nothing but giveaways and shout outs.
really filling YouTube with interesting content there :/
Not a big fan of YouTubers that make excuses for their lack of growth or try to blame something or someone else for their failures.