1. L

    monetisation help

    If I posted a 5 minute video and my subscriber saw this video 3 times, how can it be counted as 5 minutes or 15 minutes during monetization hours?
  2. A

    Gaming my yt channel for funny content (please support)

    hi guys i am a new youtuber. just needed your support just check out my content my new video if you like this please subscribe to my channel
  3. Anos12

    U wanna grow ur YouTube channel here is some tips that helped me through my YouTube journey

    Proven Tips To Grow Your YouTube Channel 1. Set up your channel properly You need to make sure you have an appealing profile picture, and channel art. 2. Upload consistently YouTube algorithm loves consistency. It will reward you for uploading new videos regularly. 3. Do proper keyword...
  4. Wikling

    Sell monetized youtube channel 452K subs

    Hi! Sell monetized youtube channel Monetization Is Enabled , No Strikes, No Warning [Source Organic] 452K+ subscribers (active community), 121M+ views, 7.8M+ hours 2K+ videos (the price includes the rights for all videos) 6 years old. Monetization is enabled, there are no strikes or bans...
  5. T

    I got approved to join the YouTube Partner Programme but my channel is under review

    Hi All, I have received the below mail from YouTube stating this "Congratulations – you've been approved to join the YouTube Partner Programme!" & another mail to enable the monetization "Apply for monetization". When I checked the Monetization page in my channel its showing as still under...

    Content and Channel overall review needed.

    I am a Gaming/Funny Moments Youtuber and I am wanting some feedback and possible reviews of my content such as the quality of my videos, the appearance of the channel and just an overall review of my content I do, I would also appreciate any critism such as what I could improve upon or whether I...
  7. FreakoutGames

    Gaming FREE and interesting collaboration to promote your content/video through Mobile Games!

    Hello, We are Indie Game Studio “Freakout Games” and trying to form a network between streamers, youtubers, vlogger, content creators and all type of influencer’s marketing persons. It’s basically a inter-linking kind of marketing/promotion between two entities where we are both promoting each...
  8. Mark Stise

    So how much time do you put into your YouTube Channel?

    So how much time do you put into your YouTube Channel? Now I'm not just talking about editing a video or creating a video I'm talking about the time you spend on YouTube answering comments, checking out other people's channels How much time do you devote to doing YouTube?
  9. ChaseColligan

    Vlog Any Vloggers or Youtubers in the Ann Arbor MI area??

    Looking to film w ppl and grow my channel as well as yours - hmu if interested!!!
  10. D

    Tips for catchy color grading

    Hey you guys, I am new to Youtube and yttalk and would like to get some tips how you colorgrade your Videos to get the best Results (Appeals and Likes) on Youtube. I tried som grading in Davinci Resolve, but doesnt look like Videos from the big Youtuber. Would be nice if someone could explain...
  11. Alance-23

    Other I wan to say thank you!!

    Hey guys it's me again I just want to say thank you for everyone who responded to me on my last post. Everyone gave me really good information and advice and now I feel much better knowing all those things! Thank you for responding and letting me in to the community!
  12. MasterRoo

    In all honesty, how is everyone enjoying or not enjoying Sonic Forces?

    What's up everyone! I've been recording some let's plays of Sonic Forces and I'm having a blast. It's the best sonic game but I am enjoying myself with it. It doesn't have the best gameplay and the levels feel too short but overall there's so much to unlock. Let me know what you think about the...
  13. C

    Other Looking to collaborate?

    Hello everyone I have a nice starting YouTube channel and Im look to collaborate with anyone who has a good active fanbase and also like yo blogs and other reactions and so on so on I will be glad to work with anyone no matter of the subscribers I currently have 207 subscribers I considered them...
  14. VigilantRager

    The rude comments

    Okay so I have had my channel up for about a month now and have 6 videos out (gaming channel) and I have already encountered two people just being straight up rude to me when they dont even have any videos themselves. Now being the type of person I am this does not bother me. I kindly and...
  15. Courtney Candice


    I really need to make an instrumentl version of all star by smash mouth. I don't really play an instrument, I can play a little bit but not much. I was going to create it with garage band, but I was wondering if someone could tell me how?
  16. Rabz

    HIT 200+ SUBS OVERNIGHT (gained 60)

    i somehow woke up to almost 60 new subscriber! the road to 1k is well on its way!
  17. Ryann

    Finally got to 20 subs!!!!!! ahh so happy, started a week or so ago

    Hey, it's Ryann, IceyCamoGaming just got 20 subs!!!!!!! It's so amazing, if you haven't already, please please please check out our channel. This has been a long time dream for me and my little brother, and it's finally getting there, and we are getting growth in our channel. So thank you guys...

    How did you get your audience?

    Have you just slowly been gaining an audience over time or was there one certain video that allowed you to blow up? Or maybe your friends and family have been giving you support too. I'm just curious as to how some of you have been getting success on YouTube. Personally on this channel it took...
  19. M

    YouTube deleting my channels without any reason!

    Hi, i have the biggest problem with YouTube since "13 months ago" my problem is when i crate a new channel and start upload my videos youtube delete my channel after tow-three days i don't know why. now i have more than 30 channel deleted by youtube without any reason! Even when i did not...
  20. BrinoVlogs


    I worked really hard on this vlog, completing it in 4 hours of no sleep till 5 am. I think this is one of my best work!
  21. Lash Foot

    Gaming PC Gaming group/squad

    Hi Everyone, Not sure if you know me yet but allow me to introduce myself. I am Lashfoot and I am 29 years old. In my free time I play a lot of games, record them, edit them and place them on Youtube. After some time I have decided it would be more fun to collaborate with other people (aged 20...
  22. TheZombieHunter23

    Gaming Hey anyone up for a collab?

    I got roblox,minecraft,clash of clans & many other games.
  23. sequan123

    How to remove copy right Strike.

    hey guys i was wondering how can you remove copyright so you can use what ever music that you like is there anything that you can possibly do?
  24. sequan123

    Funniest Moment on youtube?

    Hey guys what is your funniest moment on youtube mine is when i was watching a gameplay and somebody was mad at a game and rage.
  25. sequan123


    is there anything that you dont like what youtubers do? me personally i dont like when youtubers tries to use you just for a sub rather than just taking the time and effort.
  26. sequan123

    Can yttalk help your channel in the long run?

    Hey guy I was wondering can yttalk help you if you consistently be active in the forums
  27. C

    Gaming Looking for minecraft pc version collaboration

    Hey i'm a small channel about 30 subs. I am only a child (13) so this is for the younger youtubers. I'm hoping to start a minecraft series and I want a partner to join me in my journey. Channel-CrudeHen Skype-crudehen1
  28. M

    If i delete my channel can I get my username back?

    hi guys I have channel and I need to delete because I have a problem with it... so, if i deleting my channel can I get my URL user again Like (youtube/c/MaathHarris)
  29. McDoogle

    Gaming Calling All Horror Fans!!

    Hi everyone! I have a channel called Halfway Horror, & i'm looking for people to help out me out with some stuff. Right now I only have just gameplay of random horror games up and i want to do more like top 10's, news and other stuff. If your'e interested and want to know more email at...
  30. JanPlays_

    Get Noticed?

    Hello everyone, i was wondering how to get noticed on youtube. I upload videos on a regular basis and get none to 20 views and rarely a subscriber! If anyone has any tips to rank higher in the search bar or how to get noticed more please leave a comment below! THANK YOU!