U wanna grow ur YouTube channel here is some tips that helped me through my YouTube journey


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Proven Tips To Grow Your YouTube Channel

1. Set up your channel properly

You need to make sure you have an appealing profile picture, and channel art.

2. Upload consistently

YouTube algorithm loves consistency. It will reward you for uploading new videos regularly.

3. Do proper keyword research

Keywords are really important. You can look at related searches of a topic on YouTube or Google, and then look at those related searches in a keyword tool. You can also use some of the free SEO tools like VidlQ or Tubebuddy.

4. Use this tool to get millions of views, 100,000s of subscribers, and more

This is the platform that helped me to promote all of my YouTube channels, It is simple and easy to use. You can get real views, subscribers, engagement, promotions, and much much more.

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5. Create eye-catching thumbnails

One of the least difficult yet powerful strategies to advance your YouTube channel is making custom thumbnails.

Consider your title and thumbnail a kind of one-two punch to catch a watcher's eye.

Naturally, YouTube tangles a screen capture from some random video and utilizations it for the thumbnail. Tragically, now and again the picture it snatches will be a hazy shot of you changing the camera or a progress.

Not a decent look, correct?

Making thumbnails yourself not just makes your recordings look more engaging initially yet in addition flags a specific feeling of polished skill.

6. To maximize your results use the tool that I mentioned earlier

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I downloaded Tubebuddy. Thanks for that and the other tips. =]

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