How to remove copy right Strike.


I've Got It
hey guys i was wondering how can you remove copyright so you can use what ever music that you like is there anything that you can possibly do?
Nope. Once you get a strike it can not be removed. And as long as a creator copyrights something, you can't use it with out getting a copyright notice.
You can't personally remove the copyright strike but anything that is copyrighted such as music is off limits unless you get permission from the copyright holders. That's why it's best to use music that is free to use or create all the elements in your video.
After a few months they get removed if it was a copyright strike, but you can't remove it yourself. Also you can't use anything you like without the proper permissions. You wouldn't like to make something awesome and get it stolen from you and someone else made money out of it right? ;)
According to the YouTube Copyright Strike Basics Page there are three ways to resolve a copyright strike:
  1. Wait for it to expire: A copyright strike will expire in three months as long as you complete Copyright School.
  2. Get a retraction: You may be able to offer to delete your video, or you can contact the person who claimed your video and ask them to retract their claim of copyright infringement.
  3. Submit a counter notification: If your video was mistakenly removed because it was misidentified as infringing, or qualifies as a potential fair use, you may wish to submit a counter notification.