What would make this video better?


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Jan 10, 2019
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For cuts into the next scene should I add more transition effects? Is the music too loud? Any suggestions to make this video better? Should I only do thumbnails with both kids in it?


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Jan 24, 2019
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1. Music sounds just fine, it could be slightly lower
2. Audio/Microphone quality could be higher, especially when you are talking your voice is a little dull in comparison to the music. Make your voice sound direct and audible.
3. Remove the "Subscribe, like and share" button and use an Image through Youtube that represents your brand. You need a more professional banner which shows the purpose of your channel i,e opening toys for kids.
4. Poor branding. There is no branding in the video and no branding on your channel. You need a profile picture that represents your content focus. This could be a picture of an egg, a toy or a close up of your daughters face while smiling.
5. No Introduction. Your daughter should make an introduction talking to the audience and while opening the gift.
6. Use cuts. Some parts of the video should be cut out to focus on the main
7. Use seperate camera angles. In your room, setup a few different camera angles, perhaps its not possible because you dont have multiple cameras.
8. Use a straight camera angle for thumbnails and most of the video. Have your daughter look directly into the camera.

9. Use a simpler background, the camouflage background distracts from the content and makes it harder to distinguish what is happening.
I hope this helps you!
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