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  1. 3kidstv

    Robot Trains Kay Storage Case | Kids Animation Characters Robot Train Kay | Toy Unboxing

    Please Subscribe To 3kidsTV YouTube Channel - Kid unboxing and playing with blue color robot trains Kay storage case, kids animation characters robot train kay. Toy unboxing video for kids. #RobotTrainsS2 #TransformingRobot #ToyUnboxing...
  2. SassyGirlsToys

    What would make this video better?

    For cuts into the next scene should I add more transition effects? Is the music too loud? Any suggestions to make this video better? Should I only do thumbnails with both kids in it?
  3. Connor's Corner

    Meet Up/Gathering 7 to 9 yr old Orange County California collaboration toy review

    Hi. I'm looking for a child collaborator in South Los Angeles County, Long Beach, or Orange County to do a collaboration video. Looking for a small channel for an equitable collaboration. We are looking for a guest kid to play with Connor and a new toy to review for the audience. We...
  4. 3kidstv

    Disney Pixar Cars Race Track - Lightning McQueen, Kids Toy

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  5. 3kidstv

    Kid play with Toy Dump Truck, Bulldozer, Steamroller and Excavator at Home & Beach

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  6. Captain Vernon

    HELP!! New Playing and Learning Channel Advice Needed!

    Help!!! We posted our first video 1 month ago. Posted 3 more (including channel trailer) since and stuck at 57 subs and 410 views. Watched 1000 hours of how to reach 10,000 views videos and read articles about how to promote your channel but they pretty much all say the same thing. Create...
  7. 3kidstv

    Furby - Kids React To Furby Toy

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  8. 3kidstv

    Toy Train For Kids - Battery Powered Train

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  9. Ryan McMackin

    Playtime with Ayden - "Gumball Surprise" - Episode #4

    Ayden loved watching gumball videos so much so I decided to design and create his very own gumball machine. Ayden had so much fun doing all the voice overs for his colors. Honestly I wish I filmed him the first time he say his very own gumball surprise video. It truly was priceless. Please help...
  10. CelyD87

    300 sub club!!!!

    We finally hit 300 subscribers!!!! Woohooo!! Makes us feel so good and helps with motivation to keep going! I'm so happy to have found this forum with so many great tips and friends!! :dance:
  11. B&D TV

    We Review Yummy Nummies | Season 4 Shopkins

    We Review the Yummy Nummies Mini Kitchen Magic Sundae Maker and the Yummy Nummies Mini Kitchen Magic Gummy Goodies Maker. Bella also opens Season 4 Shopkins!
  12. Batty About Toys

    500 Subscribers!

    My channel reached 500 subscribers! The best part of doing Youtube is the amazing community and the friends I've made! Excited for what the rest of the year will bring! :D