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  1. sequan123

    Want a shoutout?

    hey guys want shout out go check out my vid
  2. sequan123


    is there anything that you dont like what youtubers do? me personally i dont like when youtubers tries to use you just for a sub rather than just taking the time and effort.
  3. Narrator-6174

    I need some advice

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I was looking to see if anyone could give me some advice on how to write an interesting script. I talked about how I am going to be making videos talking about serial killers, missing persons, and other mysterious topics. However in order to make higher...
  4. Rolz

    Whats the reason behind your Setup components?

    Hi guys! I just dropped my latest video! This video is targeted towards first time PC builders or really anyone looking to get into PC building :) I interviewed my mate about his PC, really getting into the reasons for his component choices - whether it be...
  5. Pierre Maynard

    What's happened to my channel?

    So i made a video where i don't understand what's going on with my channel, why i'm not getting enough popularity. take a look! Hope everyone has had a great day :)
  6. W

    Channel Idea What do you think?

    So I recently thought about making a new channel. I am a writer, primarily short stories and I am currently in the process of writing a novel. I thought I'd chronicle the adventure of writing a novel as well as give some tips and advice along the way. What do you think. Do you think there's a...
  7. W

    Should I Start A Daily Vlog?

    Ok so I've been doing vlogs on my YouTube channel and they've been fairly successful. I've been wanting to do a daily Vlog for awhile now but am scared to start it. I think it'd be a lot of fun. Do you think it'd be a good idea to start one and if so what are some tips?
  8. JeggiTV

    Should I play retro games and current games in my Youtube channel?

    Should I play retro games and current games in my Youtube channel? Or should I create 2 different channels for both kinds.
  9. W

    Long VS Short Videos?

    So currently in a Vlogger and I am also in college. This means that most of my time needs to be spent on education. To combat this problem I thought it'd be a good idea to just record footage all throughout the week and put up a 20-30 minute video on Mondays. Currently I do 3 videos a week which...
  10. TonyOutPlaysYT

    How do I get my recent video to become a "suggested" video?

    Hi guys! I need some help. How can i get my recent video to become a suggested video? My recent videos have been on the suggested list and I know this because people would comment they came from the suggested thing. You know what I mean. How can I get all of my videos especially my most recent...
  11. javacentral

    Trying out Adwords, your experience?

    So I figured, eh I got about 25 extra bucks this month, I'll try out an adwords account. Have you tried Adwords? How'd it go?
  12. TonyOutPlaysYT

    Need some advice on growing my audience!

    Hi guys I am new to the youtube scene! To start off, during thanksgiving break I started to re-upload videos and I have been growing ever since. I had about 22 subs, and as of right now I have 152 and 2000 total views on my channel. I want to hit my goal of 1000 subs by my birthday which is New...
  13. Derrick Toys

    Looking for a change?!

    I have two toddlers a boy & girl and recently started toy channels for boys toys & girls toys. I realized it's much easier to maintain one account as a beginner YouTuber with my daily life schedule working full-time. I 'm interested in focusing on our channel -kid vlogs rather than toys...
  14. Livid

    Actors/Actress Pay

    How much should I pay the main actors/actress of my first big production (I'm making a short film)
  15. Kat Theo

    Do you think my voice is annoying?

    Hello, all thank you for taking the time to read this. I have just started re-making videos and I can see my improvement in quality but not with views. My content is usually me ranting about my experiences ect. which before sometimes lasted for ten minutes. I wanted to cut down my videos...
  16. Dragoonkid

    Youtube Advice

    Hey I'm a new youtuber who has been diligently uploading videos without missing a single day aswell as doing my best with editing and creating thumbnails so could someone take a look at my channel and tell me what i could do to improve?
  17. Rae Talks

    Advice on Choosing Tags?

    I take a break from YouTube, and since I've started back uploading consistently I've noticed that my videos don't get many organic views. It seems like the only views I get are directly from my small social media following on other platforms. I think I need to improve my tags and I'm not sure...
  18. DisStalker


    Hey everyone, sorry if this is in the wrong place. I was wondering if anyone could give me feedback on my videos, like if the audio is bad or anything else. I really want to improve my content if necessary. Thanks for the feedback :D
  19. Hoferman

    New to the forum, requesting advice.

    Hey guys! I love this community and it seems more than helpful to some people. Everyone here seems to know what they are doing and have a common goal to help each other out and give each other advice for the sole goal, well to advance on YouTube well because we love it!. So my channel at the...
  20. Kyle Hedlund

    Looking for Editing Software on a Budget

    I am currently looking for some new editing software since my old one is starting to make videos extremely difficult. I currently have Audacity for audio but I'm looking for some video software that would not make my wallet go completely empty but still functional and easy-to-use. My current...
  21. Kyle Hedlund

    Coming up with a "Comeback Video"

    So for a while, I hadent really posted up any new videos for a while since I was taking a summer break from creating content. Although, now I am recording again, I do want to make a "I have returned" video before I post up a new chapter of Project Arthas (My Audio Book Project). Although, I...
  22. KantoGaming


    I've honestly been told time and time again since I started my channel that it sucked. People in my life have told me, said im "boring" and shouldn't be doing lets plays. People on the internet have made sure that since I started to know everything I did wrong from audio, to how I talked, to how...
  23. Ballistic

    When to start Vlogging?

    I eventually want to have a vlog channel and also still have my main channel and was wondering, at what sub number is it big enough to start a successful vlog channel that would get a decent amount of views, I was thinking maybe around like 100k subs. Thanks!
  24. Ballistic

    New idea, need feedback!

    If you guys haven't seen one of my more recent videos, Its' called "kicked form faze". That video did so well compared to my other ones, and I was wondering If I should maybe milk the faze clan name for views, and do another video that would be about me reading the faze members Instagram comments?
  25. XelaGames

    What can I improve on?

    I want to know what I can improve on my channel to help it grow.
  26. KantoGaming

    Knowing if you are posting Quality Content?

    We all struggle with this. Or, at least I know I do. It's really hard to know if your videos are "good quality" . As far as editing, content, and just if the overall video is entertaining /interesting. SO! I think it would be a good idea to start a thread where you can comment what you...
  27. joseph taylor

    How to grow your youtube channel (easy)

    So my name is giveaway taylor on youtube. I manly do giveaways on my youtube channel and now starting unboxing plus review videos. I have been doing youtube for over 2 years now. Getting me over 7500 subscribers. Its very hard to get subscribers on youtube. You basically have to promote a lot...
  28. Pierre Maynard

    My first entertainment video! What do you all think? :)

    So i have recently just uploaded a new video called The Whisper challenge, Which i have never done a video about. I would like to know what was good about the video, and what was bad about the video. :) I would also like to know what other things i can add in my videos, and what other...
  29. Emily Pruna

    Accepting My Crazy Brain

  30. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I have some thing to tell you guys and you should NEVER do these things. Many fellow youtubers and viewers get really mad at this stuff. 1) NEVER self promote on other people's channels. Its just common sense. Its annoying 2) DON'T SO SHOUTOUT SUNDAYS!!! Oh my god I see so many thirsty...