Advice on Choosing Tags?

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I take a break from YouTube, and since I've started back uploading consistently I've noticed that my videos don't get many organic views. It seems like the only views I get are directly from my small social media following on other platforms.

I think I need to improve my tags and I'm not sure how to. So for example, I just posted a Halloween Storytime video. What type of tags would everyone recommend I use for this?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
There are many posts here about tags and seo. Read through them, answers to your questions are here already.
Here's a tip to save you time: find 5-20 channels similar to you, but preferably bigger, and use their tags for inspiration.
You can use TubeBuddy tool to explore, create and optimize tags for your videos. It is a free YouTube plugin you need to install in your chrome browser.