tags not helping

  1. FerretsCantGame

    Are Tags Pointlesss now?

    Am I missing something?! Youtube has changed so much on how Tags are used. I used to have the tags make a difference on how videos are promoted on youtube. even for high volume game uploads! But now it seems no matter which strategy I use with tags, nothing makes a difference! I try all the...
  2. PlayStationGamer15

    No Related Videos?

    Hey guys. I have a question about the related results. Yesterday I uploaded a full playthrough of Rugrats: Search for Reptar, but it seems like the video isn't live even though it is. What I mean is the related results on the side don't relate to the Rugrats, theres a couple but the rest is...
  3. Rae Talks

    Advice on Choosing Tags?

    I take a break from YouTube, and since I've started back uploading consistently I've noticed that my videos don't get many organic views. It seems like the only views I get are directly from my small social media following on other platforms. I think I need to improve my tags and I'm not sure...
  4. javacentral

    Tag tips?

    So I got tubebuddy and somehow got really stinkin good tags on one of my videos to get over 1000 views (Yahoo!!) but having that be a consistent thing isn't easy. Any tips on continuously getting good tags?
  5. YourKingSkeletor

    May I Get Some Help With A Tag Issue

    So I've done my keyword research and everything, used the best tags possible and my videos do not even rank. I find Minecraft videos searching for Bloodborne before I see my videos. Checked all the pages for results and nothing. If you can give me some advice for this that would be great. Thanks.