need help. don't know what to do


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How do you guys feel about subscribers sending packages "in good faith" to help the channel out/ to contribute material and such. I live in a foreign country and by that I mean I don't live in america where the general population of youtube viewers are.
A subscriber sent me an email saying that they want to send me packages and was asking for a P.O. box. I'm all down for free stuff but I don't want to let this person down so hard thinking that I'm some jerk. It feels weird for someone to go out of their way and I don't even know if this person is actually a good person. For all I know they might just send me dead human body parts.
I don't recommend giving your home address for privacy issues. Can you open a PO box somewhere?

If you don't want the hassle of opening a PO box for 1 package, just politely reply to the email and say that you don't have one and you'd rather not give your home address. If the person has good intentions, they will accept that answer. :)