1. Dmenace

    I think I'm doing a strategic mistake

    Hi everyone My name is Denis and I've have a YouTube channel with different topics like. "metal detecting, diving, caving, urban exploring, climbing, extreme activities". And I think I've made a mistake by not focusing on one topic. Each week I'm posting different video from the category's...
  2. Pochusaurus

    need help. don't know what to do

    How do you guys feel about subscribers sending packages "in good faith" to help the channel out/ to contribute material and such. I live in a foreign country and by that I mean I don't live in america where the general population of youtube viewers are. A subscriber sent me an email saying that...
  3. Aldro

    New channel or separate play list

    I just recently thought of posting some videos different from my usual content and was wondering if it'd be better to start a whole new channel or just create a separate play list. Please help.
  4. Diversified Unison

    what is the best way?

    For our channel we post weekly live covers and once a month our larger projects. When we post our big projects we see a big increase on the views. Even without doing any kind of promotion. But when we post live covers we are struggling with views and also results from promotions are not...
  5. Conncast

    Changing the Style+Upload Frequency Advice

    Hey there, I am looking for some advice on how to change my channell's general aesthetic, I am looking for something to match my profile picture yet still capture the essence of the cover photo I have, I am perhaps thinking putting down the emblems of X politicians featured on my cover photo in...
  6. Cooliits HR

    Relaunch a kids channel and focus on authority YT video

    Hi. I'm a newbie and this is my first post here on YTTalk. I'm a frequent visitor here and I've read so many thread and I've learned so many from them from different YTTalkers. Anyway here goes... We (with my 2 boys) started our Youtube channel around July last year. We patterned our channel...
  7. CelyD87

    New KidsChannel!!!! Need Advise and Feedback

    Ok so I just started a kid's youtube channel 3 months ago called, "Jordans Adventures and Toys" so far I think its going Ok, I dont know what to compare it to. I appreciate all the comments people leave on the videos but sometimes I feel everyone is being extra nice on Youtube. I would really...
  8. Altairsfriend

    Advise for those of us with Significant Others.

    Include them in your process! Or you will never know just how much fun it is to create something with someone else, and it is this enthusiasm that viewers love to see. Having someone to share this with is amazing, and above all else it can be a relationship strengthener.
  9. Altairsfriend

    Hey everybody! We have another video up for review!

    As a prefix to this post I would like to say that we are loving making these videos! (whether they are good or bad) This is something we can do as a couple. Creating something together is so much fun!. But anyway how is this one? Thanks for the help!
  10. Ebliar-Nevo

    Advise on my channel please

    I would like any tiny scrap of advise that you can give to grow and improve my channel. It can be anything at all and please be as mean as possible
  11. Pierre Maynard

    How to recover deleted video files?

    So i need help with trying to recover one of my deleted video files, I shouldn't have deleted. I've tried to find the best software to get it back, But you need a conformation key for that and i dont have one. :( Is there any other software that recovers video files without paying for it, or...
  12. FanoBelmont partnership?

    Hello guys. I just want to bring this up with the community. I am a new youtuber focusing on gaming videos and I know one of the big questions out there is partnering or not partnering. I was recently contacted by someone representing offering a partnership, and I was wondering if...
  13. FanoBelmont

    Building an effective Schedule

    Hello guys. I want to hear you opinion on this topic and see if anyone has any particular tips or strategies that have worked for you. I focus on gaming videos, but I don't think this should be limited to gaming. As I am starting to create content, I get more and more excited with the...
  14. xTocki

    I made a youtube channel about gaming. Advise?

    Hey so im Nigel Aka xTocki and ive recently made a new youtube channel and i want to focus my channel around gaming/ comedy and just all round fun, i have a big passion in this area and have always aspired to being a youtuber and i know that you shouldnt aim to become famous and i agree this is...