Relaunch a kids channel and focus on authority YT video

Cooliits HR

Hi. I'm a newbie and this is my first post here on YTTalk. I'm a frequent visitor here and I've read so many thread and I've learned so many from them from different YTTalkers.

Anyway here goes...

We (with my 2 boys) started our Youtube channel around July last year. We patterned our channel to EvantubeHD. So we did a variety of videos for kids form Kinder Surprises to challenges to Lego unboxings to vlogs and the like. We used adwords to get the view count rolling. We even did S4S at the beginning. We are gaining a few subs and growing VERY SLOWLY last year and early this until we hit a view spike when we did the Slime Bucket Challenge. After those it kinda went downhill from there. I don't know what happened. The growth just went flat. I went here in YTTalk and read tips and advices. And then when I saw Derral Eves' video about "triggering something for channel growth" and then I decided I'll stop for now and take a step back. At the moment we haven't uploaded a video since early November. We decided to "relaunch" next year. I've read you have to have a certain authority within your niche to truly find your audience and then you'll grow after. We decided since we are so small that we'll focus on Lego and Lego only for a start. Will it be advisable to combine anything Lego related thing into one channel? We're thinking of Lego animation, Lego unboxing, or Lego gaming. Will this still be a sort of variety or will it be our focus "authority". Sorry for the words. I hope you guys get what I mean. Any advise will be truly appreciated! Thanks!
There are generally two types of channels. Authority and entertainment. It's going to be hard for you to become a player in the authority-type arena because there are already several well established channels.

I would focus on entertainment value for the viewer. Make it fun for a general type audience. It is helpful though to do "tent pole" videos. That means doing videos regarding current events or even current new and popular toys.