Gaming PS4 Player Looking to have fun collabing with chill friends and make comedic videos

Jun 19, 2018
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Hey I'm GamesLikesFraschy and I have a YouTube channel with 50 subs or so, I'm 17 and going into summer vacation with a good desire to have the most fun possible laughing with new friends and making videos that others will enjoy. I just bought my first elgato and I have free time now every night to play every game possible, especially on the weekends, I'm not a cringy/annoying kid either, I understand all humor and know of current events, we can do some funny stuff together. Me and some guys are thinking of pre-ordering the Crew 2, to get some fun videos out for that and we will also play, Fortnite, BF 1,4, and 5, Black Ops 3 and 4, Rainbow Six Siege, and other fun games. All in all its just to make new friends and have a great time so. Please message my PSN if your interested -RHockey24, we have a discord we will add any collaborators to and It would make my day if you sub to my YouTube GamesLikesFraschy, Thanks guys, all the best -Fraschy