Looking for feedback on my video if possible.

Just some off-the-cuff thoughts as I watch your video.

1) Almost had a good opening. Thought we were going to get right to the meat but....

2) Save begging for subscribers, likes, etc. until the end of the video when you have hopefully earned them.

3) Why tell us about yourself "back in the day" OR this isn't or is your first video OR what we should now call you. That's about you ... ego ... vanity ... needless filler. Get to the meat.

4) "Kool Kid Gamer"??? Really??? Let me think if I can think of a more generic gaming channel name. Hmmm. Wait. Give me a minute. Hmmm. Hmmm. Nope. I cannot. I would STRONGLY suggest you make up a unique name that people won't instantly forget or confuse with the COUNTLESS other gaming channels.

5) Show yourself. It doesn't have to be all the time but you should show yourself ... at least a still photo of yourself. People subscribe to people, not channels. At least open with your real image and then show it when you beg for subscribers. Sure, use a caricature of yourself all the other times but still show yourself some of the time.

6) Glad to see the video went to ten minutes plus odd change in seconds. You can put ads on the end of it when you get monetized.

7) Fifty ... FIFTY seconds before the meat is served. This is when the video should have started. Always get to the meat as fast as possible. The longer you take until you do, the more viewers will click away before you do. Serving up perfectly-made prime rib meat from the start increases your chances of holding onto the viewer.

8) Unfortunately, even after the 50 second mark, you're still talking about yourself too much. Stick to the meat.

9) Once you start talking about the story mode, we FINALLY get the meat. That's at 1:58. Two minutes into the video and only then do we get served real meat.

10) This review is apparently only for those who are fans of the series. I've never played any of these games so I am clueless about a lot of what you're talking about. As for my "favorite characters", I have none since, AGAIN, I never played this game or any of its sequels before. But was your intention for this video to be for only fans or for people who have never played the game before. IIf the latter, you've failed and if I wasn't reviewing this for the forum, I would have long ago clicked away to another video. So make up your mind which audience are you going for and then go all in for that audience. Don't blend them together. If you really do want to service both, make two different videos. One for fans and one for everyone else.

11) You probably should have given a SPOILERS warning ... unless you're just making this video for fans.

12) Minor point: Why are spirits controlling dopplegangers? A doppleganger isn't the real person but a copy of one so why ... ugh ... it just doesn't make any sense. Nevermind. Nothing to see here. Move along. On with the video.

13) Once you got to the real meat, you did a good job. But, again, who is this video for? If it is to draw new players in, this is NOT the video they should see as you give away WAY too many spoilers and talk as if the viewer knows what you're talking about. If this is for fans of the game, you talk at times like they're newbies to it. Pick one or the other OR make a separate video for both.

14) You end with a good call for action. That being questions you pose to the viewer for them to give in the comment section.

15) You didn't give me a reason to subscribe to your channel. Give one. Not why YOU want me to subscribe but why the VIEWER should want to subscribe.

16) Cut your outro to five seconds. Once viewers think they're seeing an outro, they click away and that hurts your engagement score with the YouTube algorithm.