review channel

  1. J

    Gaming I'm trying kind of different styles of editing

    I just started doing youtube, have made a couple of videos (ones currently in the making atm), and trying to find a style for my channel, the one I'm making right now is a pretty different then the videos i have up right now but if you don't mind if you can review my channel, please be honest...
  2. Endless Minds Meditation

    Review/Critique Request for Meditation Music Channel

    Good day everyone. I would like to request a review and critique for my YouTube channel that was created a month ago. My uploads have been steady and I feel the presentation of my channel is rather decent for someone that is new to YouTube however, I feel the views and engagement for my videos...
  3. KooL KiD Gamers!

    Looking for feedback on my video if possible.

    Video took me a lot of time. So was hoping to see some feedback on it! Took me like 3 weeks to get this video done
  4. Dmenace

    I need SEO type of reviewing

    Hi My name is Denis I got a channel with a lot of topics and I dont have a specific one. Its consists out of metal Detecting,diving,urban exploration and all other kinds of advantures. The thing is thet 90% of my videos are not viewed at all and this bother me. I suspect an SEO problem or a...
  5. OntheWrist

    Looking for a Channel Review! Any feedback is welcome!!!

    Hello everyone! I have recently been working to update my watch review channel to have a more appealing banner, profile picture, and general layout. I would love some feedback on the overall channel design. Link to my channel (also under my profile picture)...
  6. Atheno

    Comedic Vlog/Prank Channel - Let me know what to improve

    Comedic Vlog/Prank Channel - Could someone review my latest video and tell me your honest opinion on it and what I can improve?
  7. TheEzeJC

    Need a Channel Review (Overall)

    Hello, JC here. I am wondering if I could get some help on three things on my channel. Such as: - What is your first impression upon stumbling across my channel? - How is the branding? - How is the SEO? I suppose the first two are the same question, but I digress. I can’t really answer those...
  8. TeeDottie1

    what do YOU think about our channel?

    dead on the insdie
  9. Kuudere Ghost

    Review My Channel

    Hello! Can you tell me what you think about my channel. I'd like to know what you all think about my branding (profile picture and channel banner), thumbnails, and what you think about the videos I do and how I can improve them! Any feedback is greatly appreciated :)
  10. N

    Channel Feedback

    Hey guys I just want to know your opinion on my channel and what I need to do to improve the channel here’s the link to the channel. YouTube Channel: Just in case the other link doesn’t work so I just put it in
  11. LytaneVS

    Series Review

    Hey everyone! When I first started YouTube there were other creators and shows that really made me want to get into making videos and one of them was Tabletop, the show with Wil Wheton where he plays through board games. I too wanted to make something worth while like him but I don't have the...
  12. Dutchie Abroad

    Dutchie in Review mode!

    Hello everyone!~ I've started my channel one month ago and uploaded 10 videos so far (with another one coming out today). I've been doing the best I can, utilizing the info on this forum and my own intuition. However, I feel like I need a second opinion on how I am doing. So a little more info...
  13. Pierre Maynard

    Need a Channel review for 2017

    Helle everyone! So i have been on Youtube for a few years now, and my channel has changed for the better! :D I do Gaming videos, music videos, Spanish videos, Cover songs, Vlogs, and spectacular events! But i just need some reviews and opinions on what i could change on my channel, what i...
  14. DBTech

    Would love some feedback

    I'm working on my production skill when it comes to making product review videos and would love to get some input from everyone here! I know there's a little bit of blurry footage in there, but I didn't have time to re-shoot it. Let me know what you think of the video and what I can improve...
  15. VRONA

    How Can I Revive My Channel?

    With only 146 subscribers and around 15 views per video and around 2 comments a month, meaning most/all my subscribers are inactive, and all of that after 4 years of working away on the channel, isn't that great of a sign. I even stream all my livestreams to 3 different places all at once...
  16. N

    Review my channel please

    Hey guys I'd just like some feedback on my channel overall and it's content, I'd like honest opinions and maybe theories as to why I don't have a bigger audience yet, I've been doing this for 2 years (but I deleted a lot of videos because they were low quality back then). I'd just like some...
  17. Paranoia O Rigins

    Requesting a review on my YouTube channel Please?!

    I would SERIOUSLY! like a review over my YouTube Channel's branding/banner/logo designs is good/bad, my channel's navigation/tags, rather the thumbnails I use is good/great or very bad, if my upload frequency is bad or good, if the lengths of my videos too short or too long, etc. Pretty much...
  18. East To West Vlogs

    Can You Help Me Improve?

    Hey guys! Recently started my Motivational Channel page, and I just wanted to know what you guys thought of my videos, thumbnails, etc. Any feedback would be appreciated! Take care. A.
  19. Daisyah

    Latest Video

    SO many many many people have been telling me I am a little camera shy and quiet in my videos, also people have said the music for my intro was a little annoying, because it started repeating. My question for you is am i still too quiet or is it okay? Also, how is the music for my new intro ...
  20. E

    Other Looking for Collaboration on YouTube

    :help:Hello every one :) My name is Ehsan and I have aYouTube channel that I do Unboxing and Tech review. I would love to get some of you to collaborate with. If you like to join my channel and have me on your channel for collaboration please let me know.:angel: Thank You
  21. Sven Vee

    Filmmaker/Vlogger Need Feedback! Are My Vids Good Enough?!

    Hey everyone! I would love some feedback on my channel, so I can get an honest couple of tips about what might need improvement. This is both for the content I put out there, as for the more aesthetic aspects of my channel. If you have any tips, they are very very welcome! ^^ Sven
  22. Monica C.

    Brand New Entertainment Channel Seeking Advice (And possible collabs )

    Hi, My name is Monica and I've just started my youtube channel back in November. I would really appreciate any feedback and advice on my videos: My content has mostly to do with reviews of various topics and I'm hoping to grow an audience...
  23. MudanTV

    How to improve my 30sec Channel intro

    I'm looking for ways to improve my intro video. Is it catchy enough? should I add more clips/less clips? Does that actually generate any interest(even if you are not an anime fan since my main purpose is to entertain).
  24. W

    New schedule and direction for channel

    i have made a new schedule and am hoping it helps me reach a niche audience. I love doing YouTube and talking to people who do. I'd love it if you would like to watch my latest video explaining everything, and let me know what you think. I hope to hear from you and maybe when can all make a few...
  25. MudanTV

    Brutal honesty about my review channel

    Hey guys, I have been doing anime reviews for a while now and I would like some feedback, but like the feedbackiest feedback, nothing held back. I want to improve and knowing all my tiny faults would help a lot. So if you have anything to say about the sketches, the actual introduction...
  26. T

    I don't have a genuine audience to critique me sooo...

    I only have two subscribers and I'm afraid my friend doesn't want to hurt my feelings, but I need some (constructive) criticism, so if you don't have anything to do or are just bored, your criticisms are welcome. I'm looking on getting an intro soon, and working on getting an actual profile...
  27. Roots_97


    In December it will be one year since I've created this channel. I would love a review/feedback from anyone, it would be greatly appreciated. xoxo -Roots
  28. regularbeardedguy

    I need advice for my channel

    I have only been doing Youtube videos for a little over a month and I've seen some people I've met on Youtube grow quite well. I just don't seem to have the knack. Any advice on my latest video would be appreciated. It does have language but, I was a former Marine and that's second nature when...
  29. E

    Meet Up/Gathering East Midlands-YouTubers-Nerds-Techies

    Looking for YouTubers around East midlands, preferably close to Lincolnshire. Looking for people to collab with on podcasts and maybe videos. Also anyone interested in: - Tech/Gadgets - Simulators - Science/Space Possibly people to attend events and vlog with etc. Any YouTubers around? xD
  30. AlexTheCritic

    Requesting feedback on my YouTube channel (any and all advice/comments are welcome)

    This my first time ever posting on this forum, but hopefully it won't be my last. Greetings, YTTalk! I'm Alex The Critic, a 16-year-old with way too much time on his hands, and I'm asking for feedback on my channel's content. Before you do that, though, here's what my channel is all about: I'm...