Requesting feedback on my YouTube channel (any and all advice/comments are welcome)


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This my first time ever posting on this forum, but hopefully it won't be my last. Greetings, YTTalk! I'm Alex The Critic, a 16-year-old with way too much time on his hands, and I'm asking for feedback on my channel's content.

Before you do that, though, here's what my channel is all about: I'm a reviewer, i.e. someone who takes a critical look at a particular type of media. My specialty is cartoons and hip-hop music (though I haven't yet uploaded a video discussing the latter - I'll get to that, soon, don't worry!). As a naturally cynical person, my videos are more than a little crass and I realize that my style of comedy won't appeal to everybody, but hey, that's why I'm asking for feedback from this community.

I've actually been making YouTube videos for about three years now, so hopefully my reviews are of a slightly better quality than most other reviews. Anyway, I think that's enough from me. Here's the link to my YouTube channel in case someone is insane enough to actually heed my plea:

Again, I'm hoping to post regularly on this forum and look forward to meeting some cool people here. What good is a social network if you don't use it to actually socialize with people, eh?

Can't wait for whatever comments/advice/constructive criticism I'm bound to get.