review channel

  1. GooberVlogs

    Review My Channel And I Will Review Back

    Wazzzup everyone =) I have had my channel for about a year now and I am getting more subscribers every other day.. Not growing fast but I will reach 100 subscribers soon I hope =) What do you guys think of my channel? I upload vlogs,Sketches and cooking... You can be honest cause I can take...
  2. Ans Marie

    Review My Channel?

    I've been doing youtube for almost two years. I'm not growing as fast as I would like, and my subscribers are very inactive. Of course I am grateful for what I do have, and I know I shouldn't worry about numbers. However, I would appreciate some constructive criticism to help me create better...
  3. KooL KiD Gamers!

    looking for some feedback on my Gaming channel!

    Hey hows it going guys! i havent had a channel review in quite some time. last time i was reviewed i had less then 50 views and about 5 subs. its been 3 weeks later and have 27 subs and 1400 views. wanted to see what you guys thought of the channel. i feel like its doing good because of the...
  4. Pierre Maynard

    Should i improve my channel?

    So hey everyone, :) I would just like to know if you all think, I should improve on my channel a little bit more. My channel has grown so much over the past year I've had ups and downs about it, but it has improved so much more now. I used to just play guitar and then upload it on YouTube, Now...
  5. Michangelo Fuentes

    Channel Review

    Hi Everyone, I don't know if I am doing it right. I need someone to review my channel in general because I am having a hard time getting view and subscribers. Please tell me if I did something wrong so I can improve my channel. Thank you.
  6. iVariety

    Would love a Channel Review

    Hey all! To make things short, I have been grwoing in subscribers (average around 3 a day) but my view count stays the same on most of my videos. I usually only get about 30-50 views per videos (small for my channel size). Also, I have had a video that hit 28k views and I am worried that all...